Cili County: not busy spring tea picking

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Hunan Daily · New Hunan client correspondent Zhu Yuantang Xiaohua Dai Xiaoshan March 29, the sun is just, in Cili County dongyue view town Douxi village, tea garden tea trees have been sprouting green, tea farmers are taking the time to pick spring tea, busy scene and harvest joy can be seen everywhere.Good spring in March, everything is busy growing.The tea trees in Douxi village are green and fragrant, and the tea farmers are shuttling among them, their fingers skimming over the branches, and each bud is collected into the basket.”When it’s time to pick spring tea, all the farmers around come to our village to pick tea. It’s very lively here.”Douxi village has more than 1,400 mu of tea plantation. The peak season of spring tea picking starts from March 15 every year. More than 200 tea farmers pick tea here every day, which is the busiest time of the year for the tea plantation.Inside the standardised tea processing workshop of Zhangjiajie Gudaoyuan Tea Development Co., the machines rumble.The tea leaves picked by farmers are spread, degreen, rolled, dried and other processes, and the fragrance becomes stronger and stronger. The final packaged products are sold to Cili, Zhangjiajie, Changsha and other places.Zhangjiajie ancient road source tea industry Co., Ltd. is a municipal leading enterprise, is one of the tea production base in Cili County, every spring in March, each mountain spring tea mining, county agricultural department of technical services will follow up to the tea garden.”In the key period of tea picking in spring, the competent department of our industry went deep into the fields to guide the tea production throughout the county, urging them to pick in batches by grade, strengthening the post-harvest cultivation management, to ensure that the quality of tea is improved, and the brand is bigger and stronger.”County agriculture and rural bureau economic crop production station stationmaster Li Shengyun introduced.Cili county is a high mountain original ecological tea producing area, suitable climate, high-quality soil, abundant labor force and good transportation environment, etc., have created high aroma and taste, refreshing, durable quality tea.At present, the total area of tea gardens in the county is 99,800 mu, including 58,800 mu of cultivated tea gardens and 41,000 mu of wild tea gardens. The total output of tea is 3500 tons and the total output value is 300 million yuan. There are 13 tea production companies, including Sanhe Town, Dongyue Guan Town, Guangfuqiao town and Shanmuqiao town.This year, to strengthen the tea industry, write a good tea “articles”, cili market-oriented, to brand as the center, leading as the core, supported by science and technology innovation, in order to benefit as the goal, key support green high mountain tea, wild organic tea industry area, build “zhangjiajie tea” green, red, black, white, eucommia bark, etc in high-grade tea series,We will promote standardized production and brand management, form a complete industrial chain management system of production, supply and marketing, and create a number of well-known, widely spread and well-established brands in the tea industry, so that a small leaf can drive a large industry, enrich the people on the one side, and help revitalize rural areas.”Next, we will cooperate with the provincial tea Research Institute, strengthen technical guidance, create regional brands, do a good job of production and marketing docking, to ensure that the county tea industry development onto a new level.”County agriculture and rural bureau economic crop production station stationmaster Li Shengyun said.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: