Eight novels of more than 4 million words, three chapters circle powder, afraid of reading too fast, usher in the end

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Eight four million words over the end of this novel, three chapters circle powder, afraid of reading too fast, to welcome the end of the praise not comment, also do not pay attention to the small partner first hand, crotch needle, and then merciless ridicule, plus the sole of the foot with oil – hot pursuit, the last gas but point takeout price was also super double!!1, xiao Ge old.Author: Master of three Precepts.Introduce: Those who stand in front of you are: the guardian of big Ming dynasty, the close comrade-in-arms of Emperor of ten thousand calendar, the good son that cabinet head is auxiliary, 16, 17 centuries whole world richest man.Zhang Juzheng, who had controlled the Ministry of Civil Affairs for 30 years and was the gravedigger of the vassal system, was called the second yan Shifan by the Donglin Party.Hai Rui’s bosom friend, Xu Wei’s employer, Matteo ricci’s razor, Xu Guangqi and other six top scholar’s teacher.The FIG leaf of Ming Dynasty poetry, the author of more than 700 kinds of books on various subjects, the inventor of more than 2700 patents, the founder of modern universities and science.Protector of overseas Chinese, pioneer of new sea routes, maintainer of ocean order, contractor of global large-scale projects.The man responsible for the destruction of Europe, the adopted father of Tokugawa Ieyasu, the saviour of Sebastian, the little old man dedicated to his people.That evening, Zhao hao called Gao into his room and handed him two hundred taels of silver, saying, “This is the money for the decoration of the restaurant. The old man is better than me to save money. Just watch and use it.”Childe rest assured, villain these days repeatedly plan, two hundred two may not spend.”The old man patted his chest and said, “If it is not enough, the old man will pad it.”He did not know the bottom of Zhao Hao, thought childe only 250 more than two ounces of silver, took out the decoration money, the remaining 52 is only enough for daily expenses.Such as restaurant decoration, but also to buy cooking utensils, tableware, tables and chairs, procurement of all kinds of food materials……There is also firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and tea.”The old man put his heart back into his stomach, to ensure the quality of the decoration, do not just think about saving money.”Zhao Hao was confident: “Really if the lack of money, I will try to earn a few hundred liang flower is.”A boy of 14 or 15 years old, to make money this matter, said as easy as eating and drinking water.But old Gao had no doubt that he had the ability.”Become, have childe this word, old man let go stem!”2. Hero kill.Author: Jewel Cat.Introduce: Passed through the Zheng Ming of different boundary, take card of a pair of hero, want to have enough prestige value only, can summon the hero in card of these heroes: have the aid of the strength of these heroes, you can horizontal sword immediately, you can fly to the wall, you can hit celestial being outside flying, also can let your demon face heaven and earth likewise!Of course, the royal sword nine heaven, cutting demons between heaven and earth is not a dream, is the incarnation of ancient Jin Wu, burning days cook the sea, is not impossible…Wonderful review: “Killed the small thief, revenge for the five Village Lord!”See this black man to kill, those who woke up from the shock of the group of thieves, a loud drink, many people are waving weapons toward zheng Ming three people rushed.The elder who is fighting with the black demon fox, after seeing the black big man, his face becomes more ugly.”Hapindu, this is hapindu!”The elder’s voice, with a trace of trembling, and in his mind flustered time, the black fox’s jade palm, heavy in his back a clap.This one palm, let the elder could not help spitting out a mouthful of blood.But take advantage of this opportunity, big elder flies to retreat, already have a bit of he of fear, the slightest do not scruple a few zheng family children behind him.”Pungpungpungi!Although the black demon fox is a woman, but the killing of people to the slightest not soft, her jade hands between the wave, will be five zheng family young warriors of the head into broken powder.Back, back, back!Zheng Ming covered Zheng Gongxuan and Zheng Ba’s rapid retreat, his hands have been exhausted, the hand is a long knife I do not know where to pick up.Because zheng Ming had not learned the sword skills, he could only use the method of King Xiong boxing to move the long sword, but the effect was not very good.More and more thieves, in close to zheng Ming three people, also at this time, Zheng Ming they have retreated to the valley below.The national art of the city is unparalleled.Author: Fish is small.Introduction: “Tai Chi, eight diagrams, xingyi, Wing Chun…”A learning chip, open the invincible journey.Seize the leading role of air, through the three thousand world, wu broken void.Ask boundless world, who is the protagonist?Wonderful review: she turns head toward Zhang Panpan say: “Zhang boss, since you refunds money, also don’t blame me to meddle.Niuniu’s disease is ovarian tumor, has been excised, the follow-up treatment needs to go through multiple chemotherapy, the doctor said that the complete cure needs to spend more than 100,000 yuan, you can never give up ah.”She did not say that even if chemotherapy can not be cured, these things believe that do not say, the other side can understand.If a terminal illness were so easy to cure, I wouldn’t necessarily return it.It can’t be helped.Zhang Panpan is busy of nod a head, the cold sweat on big head all came out, wish to suffer more than ten thousand to fight a hope again, cure bad not want to suffer a death.In front of so many people, especially the presence of reporters, he could not refuse, just answered: “This is for sure, we will ask the best doctor to treat Niuniu, you rest assured is.”When Zhang Panpan saw Sun hongmei and the TV crew leaving, he was relieved and shouted, “Wang er, where the hell are you? Quickly, move this poodle to the backyard and put it at the door to block the guests.”This guy looks like he’s ready to give up the poodle, put it in the backyard, say nothing about it, just feed it and leave it to chance.This sentence su Chen understood, the others understood.4, the correct posture of turning salted fish.Author: Angel of two treasures.Introduction: My name is Gu Zheng, I hate the system, the most outstanding students, pick up girls system, portable weapons……In one word: Yes!He Shu, who took the lead in returning to school to prepare for the examination of the first national college entrance examination, has already started.So, belong to Gu Zheng’s first college entrance examination will be far?As the exam date is getting closer and closer, determined Gu Zheng is hesitant to get up.Has been like nothing to stay here like Samantha, is the most let Gu Zheng worry about the reason.After the completion of the college entrance examination, the results of the examination will be released in less than two weeks. According to the news leaked by the admission office, in order to speed up the cultivation of talents, there is only a short interval of one month from the examination day in October to the opening day of the university.This means that in this cold winter approaching in the late autumn, if Gu zheng’s performance in the examination room is not abnormal, then he will follow uncle He, become the second group of people to leave here.There would be no one left but Samantha, and I wonder if the village brigade would send new men to take over.And with Samantha’s troubled constitution, could she not have been bullied by the newcomer?At the thought of this, Gu Zheng, who clutched the examination notice in his hand, knocked on the door of Samantha’s house as if he had made up his mind.”How?Why?”5. Tang Dynasty was a good landlord.Author: Wood blue.Introduce: Zhang Chao passes through wude 4 years, come to the ba of changan outskirts, became the child of old mansion soldier, but he wants to do a carefree datang good landlord only however!Highlights: “Fist does not leave hand song does not leave mouth, if you want to practice real skills, first of all, you have to work hard.Summer practice sanfu winter practice sanjiu, not often can not learn the real skill.”Dad didn’t coddle Zhang, and he wasn’t going to stop his morning exercise routine.Thirty bayonets, twenty cleaves, thirty strings — these are hard standards.With a yawn, Zhang Chao reluctantly left the comfort of the kang and got dressed.She poured a basin of cold water from the tub and went to the door to wash her face and mouth.No toothbrush, only wicker sticks, no toothpaste, not even salt.Contain saliva gargle, then take wicker branch when toothbrush, difficult poke along while.See dad they are brushing their teeth with willow branches, but Zhang Chaozhen used to find this thing is very pit dad ah.Accidentally, you get blood all over your mouth.Throw away willow branches, Zhang Chao heart secret way, back must do a few toothbrushes.Cold water washed his face, had some confused him, immediately spirit up.”Old daddy, we are not still have to go to chang ‘an today, or don’t practice today first?””Stop making excuses and start right away.”Torre at this time very ruthlessly rejected Zhang Chao.6. Dawn Watch.Author: The Black Robed Rislin.Introduce: leading role Lu Yuan, the land of the continent, the distance is far.This is his reliance on the Lord God of the world, through various different dimensions, and finally save the endangered immigration ship “Dawn” story.Fantastical and magnificent Baldur’s Gate, warships fighting in the Caribbean, super daily fantasy town, super unfolding Gakuen Embalmed, different biological hazard and heaven, of course, there is the “war, forever war” iron alliance……More and more people joined Lu Yuan’s team. Dawn was heading for the dawn.Highlights: Lu Yuan walked around, suddenly a bright eyes, he saw the pterodactyl tail section containing bone expansion and above the similar scorpion tail of the ao!The tail of the pterosaur is nearly ten feet long, and toward the end, the tail quickly tucks into a more powerful, stacked shape of bony plates, only about the width of your wrist, but incredibly tough and flexible.Lu Yuan still remembers that there is a meteor hammer made with the tail of pterosaur in the second part of the Gate of Bode. The hammer is poisonous and extremely fierce.This is good stuff!Lu Yuan jumped onto the body of the pterosaur, dismembered the tail and prepared to go back to deal with it.At the very least, after 龗, I took the Twilight Star, picked the hard back and soft belly leather as the material, and cut the pterosaur skin 20 feet square, almost enough to make two hard leather breastplates.All night long, the two men were busy watching for noises in the air, and hiding in the trees at the first sign of movement.But by the end of the night, not a single pterosaur was seen, except for some carnivores attracted by the smell of blood.Setting out in the morning, the Twilight star angrily found her longbow, broken in two.She didn’t have it with her when she went out to find land last night, and she never got a chance to get it out.The Twilight star was angry for a moment, but unstrung the bowstring and put it away. Then he buried the two bowstrings under a tree and recited the verse of his comrades’ farewell.Lu Yuan watched this ancient process quietly.7. The strongest boss system.Author: Seal July.Introduce: What is river’s lake?Is it a fist to conquer the world, or is it an enemy to all people, stirring up the storm?Rebirth I, the strongest boss system added body, Su Xin can obtain the previous world of all the boss characters in the martial arts and martial arts.”My name is Suzin, and I keep my word.”Wonderful review: After listening to this sentence of system, Su Xin’s eyes went black and almost didn’t have a mouthful of blood spurt out.Of course, Su Xin needs two and a half stars, but what is the premise of training and exorcizing evil swords?Wulin is the king, wielding the sword from the palace!Few men would want to practice this skill.If Su Xin sent it to the Imperial Palace, the fathers-in-law would be very interested.Having failed in the intermediate lottery three times in a row, Suzin finally decided to give up.There is still an intermediate draw su Xin did not move, ready for a rainy day.And the 200 villain points are even less usable.This villain is worth a lot of hard currency, whether it’s after the character is drawn or after the shop is opened. It’s too wasteful to use for raffles now.Just when Su Xin casually put the exorcism sword spectrum in the corner of the system, ready to exit the space, the system has released a main task.”Activating the main line of the task Task formidable pose (2) Task explanation: since rich, when to seize power.Become an eagle….The beast’s blood was boiling.Author: Jing Guan.Introduce: a sacrifice is in the Chinese reconnaissance soldier on southern Border battlefield, magical ground is in different time air rebirth, the shaman sacrifice that became orc kingdom accidentally, and it is thousand years of rare dragon sacrifice!And cursed by the blood of the most vicious of familiars!What is behind the curse?The mermaid princess of the country of fox tribe beauty, abyss, Oriental mysterious clam female, the swan Wu Ji that resembles an angel comes to him one by one…Highlight review: he decided to go after Ferguson anyway.It happened so unawares that he had almost thought of Ferguson.Xu can play out of all the tricks, is did not expect, this appearance so lofty and refined old man, play out is such a move.Liu Zhenzhen felt like beating him, giving him a solid beating.But I couldn’t do it.In the heart is full of the kind of guilt, let Liu shock in panic, but also a little can not hide the secretly pleased.Their long what virtue, he was still a little self-knowledge, can be in trouble, and the fox have forged profound friendship, which has basically is the limit of he can fantasy, but Mr Liu we regret never dreamed, incredibly have several * beauty this absurd things appear, incredibly still have happened in his body.Liu shock feel his brain can not think again, messy like a mess, how also reason not clear.But one thing is for sure: he has taken a real dislike to Ferguson.Xu is a real nuisance.Put on his clothes, Liu shock opened the door, the pace went out, and received back.So this recommendation ends here, finally, “the day does not give birth to my little brother, forever looking for books as long as night”.And don’t forget triple Company. 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