Li Bo, torchbearer of the Winter Olympics: A volunteer service circle for the Winter Olympics was set up in chaoyang Dongba community

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On February 4, winter Olympics torch relay in the grand canal forest park, the 102th torchbearer is chaoyang district DongBa region east ze park community party secretary li bo, “I feel very honored to be torch, I am just a member of the grassroots community workers, in order to meet the arrival of the Olympic winter games, everyone to muster all his strength increase service security, hope winter Olympic Games a complete success.”She said.Working in the community for more than ten years, Li Bo always abides by the concept of “nothing trivial is done by the masses” and acts as a good friend to the community’s family members and residents.She has won the titles of National Outstanding Urban and Rural Community Worker in fighting COVID-19, Beijing Outstanding Grassroots Party Organization Secretary, Chaoyang District Outstanding Communist Party Member in Rural Areas, Chaoyang District Female star and so on.In his work, Li bo took the initiative to integrate the idea of “The Olympics will make the city better” into community governance, led community workers to create a “Winter Olympics Exhibition hall” in the community to popularize the winter Olympics culture and knowledge of ice and snow sports among residents, and carried out colorful winter Olympic-themed activities such as painting and paper cutting to arouse residents’ enthusiasm for participating in the Winter Olympics.In the activities of ice and snow Carnival, simulated ice rink, ice ball, curling, VR simulated skiing, etc., let residents experience the passion and happiness brought by ice and snow sports at home, and feel the beauty brought by the Winter Olympics to the community.After the launch of “Together for the Future” gesture dance, Libo also held a gesture dance promotion activity in the community, “Singing the Spirit of the Winter Olympics, Together with the residents, to convey love and spread the Winter Olympics culture.Community is an important window to show the image of a region.Li Bo mined and trained 54 building chiefs in the community, building and unit, and established the “gate building, courtyard and community autonomy system”.The dean, the head of the building, the head of the building and the social workers of baolou Baoyuan formed a “volunteer team” to build a volunteer service circle to protect the Winter Olympics, participate in public security patrols and beautify the community environment.This year’s New Year’s Eve, Li and the “volunteer team” stick to their posts to protect their homes and serve the Winter Olympics.”We need to spare no effort to provide services for the Winter Olympics on our doorstep.”Li said.After the relay, Li Bo will return to the community with the Olympic torch.”I want to share with you the joy of being a torchbearer, so that the residents can touch the torch, feel the charm of the Winter Olympics and cheer for the Chinese Olympic athletes.”Li Bo said.Beijing Youth Daily reporter Li Zewei editor zhang Peng