Let me very inspired a small story: we are also trying to live

2022-05-06 0 By

At the Atlanta Games, one runner stood out. He was a high school student from Afghanistan who was a men’s marathon runner.He obviously is not the competitor in the same competition, but he still step by step to keep up, he said to the microphone handed over by the reporter: “my goal is not to take the first or second, I have never thought of giving up on the way, I just want to let the world know that we are trying to live!In Afghanistan: People are torn by endless fighting, and many suspect they have nothing to live for.But this middle school student in the rich Atlanta, THE United States, announced to everyone: “We are trying to live!”This runner did not win the championship, but he continued to finish the race, and made people think deeply about his life.Feeling that everyone has their own living state, do not need to be beautiful others, also do not need to secretly arrogant, love their way of life, and the appropriate way to tell people “I live very well”, this is an optimistic and confident state of mind.