Jinke 4.0 products appear in Luzhou, iterative upgrading for a better life

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As is known to all, shuangcheng Economic circle in Chengdu-Chongqing area will be built into an important economic center with national influence and a livable place for high quality life in 2035.Among them, promoting the integrated development of southern Sichuan and western Chongqing, supporting Yibin and Luzhou to build a regional central city in southern Sichuan will become an important measure to promote the leap-forward development of the southern wing of shuangcheng economic circle.On the occasion of the 15th anniversary of Jinke Sichuan, the new proposition of the 4.0 stage of products is ushered in.The “T.H.E Next Generation Community”, composed of “more Technology, more Humanities, more Ecological”, aims to make every work to be the gift of quality living, but also the reflection of the upgrade of urban aesthetics.In 2017, Jinke entered Luzhou for the first time, blossoming a flower of Oriental architectural aesthetics beside the Tuojiang River, making Jinke Bocuiwan the most brilliant star in Luzhou. Can the “unique” art academy series in the same region lead another wave of Luzhou Habitat?Located at the intersection of The Tuojiang River and the Yangtze River, Luzhou is a city born of water.View the ebb and flow of the tide, feel the flow of heaven and earth, wine mellow gentle.Starting from “Yangtze River and wine culture”, Jinke Institute of Fine Arts is extracting its cultural elements to form a unified design language and applying them to landscape layout and facade details to form a landscape concept theme of “River wind and wine charm”.Building a house is easy. Building a life is hard.Some people say that as long as you go to the Academy, you will be attracted by every plant and tree here.When a building is endowed with life, it is not a building, but an aesthetic life body integrating project exhibition area and art exchange area, as well as a “breathing” community integrating ecology and nature.Moving a scene, when the academy of Fine arts left enough space for people to come here to watch the rain, laughing, should be the most satisfied designers of the academy of fine arts.”Modern as the expression, tradition as the essence, art as the soul”, Jinke · Academy of Fine Arts gives full play to the extreme, integrating water system, forest shade and architecture into one, taking ceremony as the system, step by step, creating a living environment of urban forest, allowing residents to fully display quality and style of life in the elegant charm of wine city.More Humanities Humanities design for building space life level, the higher the happiness, the pursuit of space, the more stringent, not just bigger, more wide, more to host elegant calm life enjoyment, jinke academy, deep study in the fourth generation of architectural essence, in the air even luxury villas, endowed with parallel space more beautiful, meet the demand of different realm of life, adapt to the life cycle.Jinke · Institute of Fine Arts house products from the architecture, aesthetics, ergonomics of multiple aspects of the house structure, to strict standards, from the residents, to open wide LDK dining room integration design, to create a migration line, free free large-scale guest restaurant.At the same time to meet the life scenes of multiple family members, in the same space, everyone is not disturb each other’s personal space, can also meet the needs of timely communication at any time.Contemporary is social times, gathering, entertainment, business and other essential, public space in addition to the sitting room is the kitchen, when two Spaces are occupied, it needs an independent open space can be entertainment, hospitality, rest and other functions set in an organic whole.The l-shaped phantom third hall, which is unique to villas, is innovatively created for all the apartment types of Jinke Academy of Fine Arts. Reasonable variable space is reserved, which is enough to carry N+1 kinds of life imagination: children’s activity area + party place, or studio + movie hall, or yoga room + study room, and new ideas of urban garden life.Open and free is not only the space, but also the open heart between family members.In the community public space, through scene creation, neighborhood interaction and other innovations to enhance the feeling of the future community, to create the exclusive temperament of the brand, so as to form the site identity of the whole community.Combined with the layout of architectural space, the hotel quality is formed, and the multi-level progressive space of ritual order is the perfect fusion of residential and cultural life club.The landscaped swimming pool of about 500 square meters provides meticulous care and convenience for outdoor healthy sports life.About 1800 square meters of atrium landscape, elegantly decorated outdoor meeting room;About 920 square meters of full-age children’s activity area, with children’s activity equipment, children’s activity micro-terrain, gardening awareness park, nursing area, etc.;About 530 square meters of full-age activity space, including five senses of nature experience park, adults and children’s game space, tree-lined communication area.Quality houses and mansions, the fourth generation of large flat villas in the air, adapt to the whole life cycle, all for creating a happier living space.Technology makes science and Technology no longer like science and Technology in the Academy of Fine Arts, those hidden powerful Technology, guarding everyone here.Jinke Life Home system is equipped with apocalypse big data platform, centering on a product core — life building, providing a safer, home and convenient life for the next generation of owners.Based on the life needs and pain points of every owner, the next generation community extends the core of life building and enables the relationship between people and life by creating three core advantages — more integrated system, more powerful brand and more high-end equipment.In addition, the next generation community has also built four life scenes — intelligent travel, intelligent home, intelligent security and intelligent service, so as to realize the intelligent community life of four groups: “old people have a safe place to rest, carefree children’s dreams, calm family care, and elegant happy life”.With the help of science and technology, residential ecology will provide owners with a safer, convenient, comfortable and pleasant living environment in the future, and make residents live smarter, happier and safer lives.The greatest charm of science and technology is that it is no longer like science and technology, and integrated into life is a better life!Jinke 4.0 products appeared in Luzhou, and the iterative upgrade is undoubtedly to present better residential works for Luzhou.In the name of art, create the environment and return to the heart. Behind all the fine works, Jinke Sichuan carries the persistent pursuit of quality.Jinke academy of Fine Arts is about to open bright, language can not be exhausted, in person only see elegance!Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn