Every flower has a song. Which song has touched you?

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Flowers always seem to be given special feelings by people, so the beauty is also more than a lasting appeal.If every flower has a song, which song in its name has a story about you?Do you like the song, is listening to the mood of the song, or listening to the song yourself?Which of these songs has ever moved you?Rachmaninoff: Lilacs/сирень, Op.21 No.5 is the fifth and one of the most famous songs in Rachmaninoff’s suite of art songs No. 21.He wrote it at the height of his art, at the height of his writing.During this period, both piano and vocal music have reached a perfect level.Rachmaninoff Daisy is a piece of music from Rachmaninoff’s 6 Poems for Voice and Piano. The lyrics express the admiration of the beautiful nature.As a piano piece, “Daisy” with a simple and distinct musical image and style unique.Later, this piano music was adapted into violin music by master Chrysler, Haifeng respectively.Debussy in the second volume of the first few preludes, Debussy boldly tried some new creative techniques.This song “Heather” seems to return to harmony and simplicity.Heather is a very famous Azalea flower in Europe, mainly pink and light purple.It was once the principal vegetation in the badlands of Western and Northern Europe, and when it blossomed, its branches were covered with bell-shaped flowers, hence the nickname “mist in the mountains.”As the famous British scholar Harry Halbreich summed up in his book, the artistic conception and style of this prelude are very similar to the Girl with flaxen Hair, “same tranquility, purity and transparency, the same mode, and even the same tempo and speed”.Here the composer uses soft undulating lines, idyllic melodies, simple three-chord harmonies and traditional terminations.In the calm and peaceful music, as if drifting out of the faint fragrance of heather.Tchaikovsky April: Pine Snow Grass piano cycle “Four Seasons” in “April – pine snow grass” is composer Tchaikovsky based on poet A Maykov’s poem “Pine snow grass” a single three-part structure of the musical sketch.In the creation process of this work, a large number of elastic rhythms commonly used in romantic music are used to express the free and comfortable mood.The elastic accompaniment is just like the unyielding tender buds of cedar grass, soft and tough. The rhythm of the whole piece is free and soft, which well expresses the author’s yearning for early spring, euloquy for new life and vision for a better future.Tchaikovsky’s Flower Waltz The Nutcracker, known as the “Christmas ballet,” is the third ballet by Tchaikovsky.The Waltz of flowers is a song from the second act of the dance in which the candy fairy dances with the fairies, and is often performed alone.After the magnificent and smooth prologue of the harp, the French horn plays a waltz theme in the form of a quartet. The melody is like a song, showing the graceful and graceful dance of the candy fairies and fairies. The theme of the music is lyrical and beautiful.This waltz is not only an important piece of music in the dance drama, but also the most prominent of Tchaikovsky’s many waltzes.From song 7 of Schumann’s art song cycle “Myrtle”.It was also a wedding gift from Schumann to his new wife Clara.The Wild Rose by Schubert The Wild Rose was written by Schubert when he was 18 years old. It has a touching story behind it.On his way home on a bitter winter night, Schubert met a boy in shabby clothes who wanted to sell a book and an old coat. He took pity and bought the boy’s book.It was a collection of poems by German writer Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe. Schubert saw the song “The Wild Rose” as soon as he flipped through it. He was immediately touched by the words in the poem, and a series of beautiful notes appeared in his mind.Mozart violets Mozart’s art song Violets was written in Vienna in 1785 and published in 1789.The lyrics to “Violet”, a poem of the same name by Goethe, describe a carefree girl who crushes a violet that represents a man’s heart.Through poems, the poet expresses his yearning for his former lover, as well as his perseverance and courage in pursuing love to death.