City bus group again strong measures to add pressure to ensure that civilized frugal dining landing effect

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“Every morning and during lunch, the officers on duty take turns to check;Discipline inspection, trade unions and other departments do not regularly spot check;Dining room entrance to post the “austerity, CD action” notice “, the hall frugal meal posted posters, diligence and civilized dining warm prompt voice broadcast, repast personnel sign “frugal meal pledge”, plate recovery with surveillance cameras, monitoring “CD” to carry out the situation, let civilized frugal meal made solid progress!”Recently, the reporter learned from the city bus group, to guide the education of all cadres and workers consciously practice “cd-rom action”, the company to increase efforts, real, see real, to ensure that civilized frugal dining fashion in the group ground root.”To ensure that waste is eliminated at the source, we have further strengthened supervision of canteens.”City bus group related person in charge of the introduction, the company requires the staff canteen contractor in strict accordance with the “Shiyan City kitchen waste management implementation rules” to ensure standardized treatment of kitchen waste, and combined with the actual situation, further optimize the type of dishes, improve the quality of dishes, reduce kitchen waste.At the same time, it also revised and improved the Contract for Contracted Operation, strengthened the supervision and inspection of daily sanitation and disinfection, food material procurement channels and other closed-loop mechanisms, and further strengthened the supervision and assessment of canteen contractors to ensure the safety and health of staff canteen and put an end to food waste.In order to ensure the “CD” ground effect, the city bus group to further intensify the supervision and accountability, during the meal arrangement authorities take turns on duty checks, head of the department office, not the special inspection team to conduct inspections on a regular basis, the “daily duty, random sampling, round-the-clock monitoring” check supervision way to carry out the “CD”,Continue through propaganda and education, supervision and accountability more power, so that all workers have awe in the heart, do according to the need to take meals, put an end to waste, so that the civilized frugal dining has become all cadres consciously and consciously action.At the same time, the city bus group will be in violation of the “compact disc action” staff severely accountability, in addition to their own notice of criticism and on-site duty duty penalties, the department and unit will also assume joint liability, performance assessment;Foreign diners who refuse to correct after being reminded will be put on the “blacklist” and terminated from providing dining services, continuing to conduct pressure, forcing responsibility to be implemented.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: