A decline to eat instant noodles in the prize, with a big face younger sister to take a plane!

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Hello, everyone. Welcome to students’ Comics. I am the author and students will take you into the world of comics.Stinky tofu, one of the traditional Chinese snacks, is characterized by “Stinky smell and delicious taste”.What funny thing happened today, we look forward to, ah failure like stinky tofu, this everyone knows, in fact, ah failure also like ketchup, eat rice like to put, eat steamed bread like to put, eat fried sauce noodles also like to put, cake, bread, sorbet can be put, ah failure think these are too weak,Real cow is tomato sauce dip in tomato ah big face younger sister looked at a decline to say “you silly ah, funny comics just id card, real life is called body mixed card” a decline touch the head doubt way “is?”After school big face younger sister to a decline put a hand to say “tomorrow morning 9 o ‘clock take off, 7 o ‘clock airport see” finally see a decline chasing big face younger sister of the bus say “feed, is tonight 7 o ‘clock or tomorrow morning 7 o ‘clock?”Ok, this is the end of the cartoon, see you next time want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to the student cartoon students like to complain, at last Mr. Jin found the drum!A decline and big face younger sister to play games, the last two people to play a ward!