What is the relationship between the type 82 class gun group and the type 81 class gun group?The designer recounts its development process and structural characteristics

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The authoritative military publication specialized in introducing small arms!Mr. Deng Fuzhang, one of the main designers of the Type 82 gun family, held the type 82 automatic rifle in his hand in 1979, and requested the development of the 7.62mm class gun family according to the instructions of the superior.At first, it was required to consist of automatic rifles, submachine guns and light machine guns, but later it was changed to consist of automatic rifles, automatic rifles and light machine guns.The group uses a variety of 1956-type cartridges and is proposed to replace the Type 56 semi-automatic rifle, type 56 submachine gun and Type 56 squad light machine gun that were then equipped.At that time, several units which received the task of developing the gun family of 7.62mm class were divided into three research groups and started to develop the gun family at the same time. This paper introduces the type 82 gun family developed by the 208th Research Institute of China Ordnance Industry.The development of the Type 82 gun family began in January 1979. In October of the same year, the sample gun was tested in the national shooting range and the Infantry school of Lanzhou Military Area Command, and obtained excellent results.In October 1981, the national shooting range was designed and finalized. The test results are as follows: the main elements and dispersion accuracy of the gun family basically meet the requirements of tactical and technical indexes;The processing and assembly of parts meet the requirements and the requirements of interchangeability.Automatic rifle mechanism is basically reliable under various operating conditions.The mechanism action of the light machine gun is basically reliable under various operating conditions, except for one gun which failed to reach the correct position due to the failure of reentry in the river immersion test.The comprehensive life test shows that the diameter, muzzle velocity and dispersion accuracy do not change much, the failure rate is low, and the main zero (part) parts of the gun, casing and recharging machine are not damaged, which meets the tactical and technical requirements.Generally speaking, automatic rifles basically meet the tactical technical requirements, can be shaped.Although light machine gun has immersion test when the failure of the water in the river, but in accordance with the provisions of the gun test and combining with our country special condition test, light machine gun are never leaching water experiment was carried out, is only based on June 17 ~ 20, 1980 by up ordnance department and five machine research bureau jointly held “7.62 mm gun family class technical review meeting minutes” spirit,The water immersion test results of the light machine gun are for reference only.In view of the above, it should be said that the light machine gun also has the design conditions.Structural features in order to meet the requirements of tactical technical indicators, the type 82 gun family adopts the following technical measures :(1) the combination of punching and riveting is adopted to reduce the mass of the casing;Reasonable selection of materials, as far as possible to choose the density of the material;Focus on reducing the quality of parts;Reduce the number of parts, as far as possible to consider a multi-purpose, a multi-energy;Compact arrangement structure, reduced size.Type 82 automatic rifle with bayonet (fixed bracket) Type 82 shift light machine gun (2) To ensure accuracy to ensure the coaxial degree of the automaton, the casing and the bore axis;Delay pressing hammer of gun frame;The center of the impact surface with the pitch sleeve should be close to the axis of the bore as far as possible.Minimize the center distance between the air guide system and the bore axis;Symmetrical locking mechanism is adopted;Limiting the left and right swing momentum at the beginning of the recoil of the gun frame;Ensure that the casing has sufficient strength and stiffness;Appropriately increase the volume of atmospheric chamber;A fifth cone was added to the chamber to allow the warhead to enter the chamber more accurately, the trigger was changed to two fires, and the trigger force was reduced.Increase the inertia stroke of the piston;Position the grenade launchers properly.(3) Ensuring the strength of parts The strength of parts plays a very important role in the design of infantry automatic weapons and is the basic basis for evaluating whether the service life of new weapons can reach the tactical and technical indicators.In order to improve the strength and service life of the moving parts, the distance between the air guide hole and the end of the barrel is shortened when the air guide device is designed.At the same time, in order to reduce the theoretical rate of fire of the weapon, the initial volume of the air chamber is enlarged, so that the pressure in the air chamber rises slowly, the speed of the automata recoil position is reduced, and the collision of the automata recoil position is reduced, which is very beneficial to the stable operation of the automata.The regulator has three air holes to extend the service life of the weapon.The structural design of parts is reasonable;Choose suitable material and heat treatment process.(4) To reduce the failure of shell casting to have enough energy.In order to solve the problem of type 82 gun family not throwing shell and sticking shell fault, the measures taken are mainly to reduce unnecessary energy consumption, the throwing shell is important and stable, and appropriate throwing shell protruding position and impact point should be provided.In addition, a number of measures have been taken to solve the problem of playing drums.The type 82 automatic rifle has the following technical characteristics: novel structure, simple and compact;Beautiful appearance;Rapid decomposition and combination;Good mobility, easy to carry;The transmitter is a monolithic structure (which is also unique to the gun family) and can be assembled quickly.The proportion of common parts is the highest among the three gun families developed at the same time, with common parts accounting for 71% and parts accounting for 68%.Lightest of the three gun families.The transmitter of type 82 gun family is an integral structure, and its hammer is in the state of waiting for strike (top) when it is horizontally set, and the hammer is in the state of firing when it stands up (bottom).Second, the connection form of folding stock of automatic rifle should be 56-2 submachine gun.208 of the implementation of superior instructions, but in the test appeared fault, the main problem is in the drum.First, because of the large resistance of the drum, the light machine gun failed to reach the position for 8 times during the river immersion test, which was twice the allowable times.Another problem is that the drum is easy to bounce, in the shooting, many bouncing phenomenon.Here’s an example.During the accuracy test of the light machine gun in the national shooting range, a drum full of bullets was laid on an unstable table at the scene. Someone accidentally touched the table, and as a result, all the bullets full of bullets fell out.This is what happened in November 1980, the year the Type 81 gun was tested for design finalization.At that time, the developer took into account that the failure rate would be beyond doubt if the test continued, and the purpose of the test could not be achieved. Therefore, the developer withdrew from the test and continued to improve.The following year, the research team went to the national shooting range for the second design finalize test, and finally passed the national shooting range finalize test.Although approved by the relevant departments of the state in 1984, it was later than the Type 81 gun family, so it was not listed and installed, and the country was not named.So the reader asks: How did the class 82 gun clan get its name?Because the Type 81 gun family is through the design test in 1980, by the country named type 81 class gun family;The Type 82 squad gun family passed the design finalization test in 1981 and was named the Type 82 squad gun family after the Type 81.The gun family could not be mounted and was only used as technical reserve.That’s why we don’t know much about class 82 gun owners.The enlarged part of the rear of a gun chamber.Pistols and submachine guns generally consist of two to four cones.The cone’s role is to ensure that the projectile is properly positioned and that the projectile is smoothly embedded in the rifling as it moves forward.In some guns, a fifth cone was added in front of the fourth cone in order to reduce the resistance of the bullet embedded into the rifling and reduce the maximum bore pressure.(this article published in the light weapons, no.4, 2003, the public article revise) to issue recommendations to promote our country police shooting training close to actual combat: into the scene shot from spinning tourniquet to combat dressing, see the battlefield hemostatic learning: tactical hemostatic treatment method in emergency treatment during the period of Anti-Japanese War, the two sides use and production of each other’s ammunition:(4) The calibrator of white light sight for gun in our army: supporting the calibrating sharp weapon for vehicle, the exclusive benefit of sniper.Magic change 85 snipe, let “gun adapt to people” : NSG-85 7.62mm semi-automatic sniper rifle system “Eight-one bar” can be used, five or six percussion can also be used: China’s foreign trade TYPE W87 40mm armor breaking grenade structure and operation process points@ the headline number of light weapons of light weapons: light weapons of light weapons quickly number: QBQ_208 light weapons trill number: qingbingqi have professional attitude of the public, welcome attention to get you the most authoritative firearms strategy opened the small light shop limited coupons to receive prompt coupon books, text and pack out ~ you point every good-looking, I am serious for love