Wang Shanshan: the players who are scolded for not playing well are also uncomfortable in their hearts. I hope everyone will support the women’s football team more than verbally

2022-05-05 0 By

Recently, wang Shanshan, the captain of the women’s football team, was interviewed by She talked about the spirit of the women’s football team in her heart, which is to dare to fight and never give up.In addition, Wang shanshan said that she hoped that people’s attention to the women’s football team would not just stay in words, and that they would continue to support the team when they play badly in the future.Earlier Wang Shanshan told CCTV that he wanted to eat hot pot for the first meal back home, and in Suzhou isolation dinner that day, small hot pot arrangement.Wang Shanshan regrets that the taste is particularly good, Chinese food is delicious.In addition, Wang shanshan also revealed that she particularly wants to eat her mother’s potato shreds, potato shreds, beef soup, hu spicy soup.However, after the end of isolation, Wang Shanshan may have to report back to the club to prepare for the women’s Super league, may not have time to go home to enjoy the food holiday.When it comes to the spirit of women’s football, Wang Shanshan thinks that it is the courage to show themselves on the field, dare to fight and never give up.Wang Shanshan said that during the Asian Cup, the team had been behind several times, but no one would think of losing. Even if they could not run, they would survive and would not want to give up at any time.Everyone’s goal is to win the championship, and I, as captain and senior player, have to take the lead.After winning the Asian Cup, the women’s soccer team received more attention.”It’s a good thing that the good performance of women’s football is seen by more people, which will attract more people to join the cause of women’s football, and the Chinese women’s football will develop better,” said Wang Shanshan.For competitive sport, the athletes will often meet with win blow, lost when pressing two extreme evaluation, vian said yourself as a player, in this case the least, playing good performance, play is bad to be scold, actually this time athletes in the mind will be very uncomfortable, because players is also want to play good, want to win the game.Wang shanshan said that she hoped that more people would support the women’s football team in the future. She also hoped that in the future, if the women’s football team did not play well in individual matches, it would continue to receive external support.