Publicity of the proposed recommended selection objects of key counties (cities, districts) for the 2017-2020 Year of Safe Hunan Construction

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According to leading group for safe construction of hunan province “about make efforts to build a 2017-2020 annual peace on county (city, area) declare work notice requirements, the application and review the research step by step, recommend on double card county, the yao nationality autonomous county and 2 counties (city, area) for safe construction of hunan key to promote the county (city, area) the selection object, are hereby published.Publicity period is from February 7, 2022 to February 11, 2022.During the publicity period, if you have any objection to the proposed recommended object, you can report to the City ping an Construction leading group office by telephone or fax.The information reflected shall be true and accurate, the materials reflected in the name of the unit shall be stamped with the official seal of the unit, and the contact information shall be provided in the name of the individual.Contact number: 0746-8357107 (answered during normal working hours), fax: 0746-8357107.Which peace construction leading group office on February 7, 2022, 2017-2020 annual peace hunan construction key counties (city, area) recommend selected double card county in recent years, double card county earnestly implement the central, provincial, municipal safety construction work spirit, closely around the “safe double card” to create, to people’s satisfaction as the fundamental starting point,Through solid efforts to promote safety, strengthen joint contribution, joint governance and shared benefits, improve the law and order prevention and control system, and deepen intelligent development, we have built three-level comprehensive control centers at county and village levels.It has realized the integrated development of rural auxiliary police workstations, village administration and protection committees, “one-stop” mediation centers for conflicts and disputes, “Good Neighbors” (new township elites and volunteers) + “Five old” mediation studios and public legal service stations, and successively created “secondary” mediation and “five old” mediation.”5 p” construction, quick “135” rural district police station construction, double card opinions WeChat group of a group of grassroots peace brands, such as social security insurance, liability insurance of people with mental disorders guardian to the county-wide people, the county social overall harmony and stability, the masses of security and satisfaction increasing, safe construction work has obtained the tangible result.From 2017 to 2019, it was awarded the “Advanced County of Provincial Comprehensive Governance”, in 2018, it was awarded the “Advanced Unit of Establishing National Rule of law County” and “Provincial Demonstration County of Establishing Peace”. In 2020, it successfully established the “Three No-county” county of national and provincial petition work.The micro film I am not a Chicken Thief won the Top ten Micro film award of the fifth Ping ‘an China “Three Micro Films” Competition held by the Central Politics and Law Commission. In 2021, it won the “Provincial Advanced County in The Construction of Peace” again and successfully created the “three No” county in the province’s petition work.The public sense of security has been ranked in the forefront of the whole province.Since it was granted the title of “Province Ping Ping County” in 2008, it has maintained the honor of “Province Ping Ping County” for 14 consecutive years.Jianghua Yao Autonomous County is located in the combination of Hunan, Guangdong and Guangxi provinces (districts), is the county with the largest yao population in China.In 2018, it was rated as the advanced unit for establishing the national rule of law county. In 2017, 2019 and 2021, it was rated as the provincial Advanced County for safe construction. In 2020, it successfully created the “Three Noes” county of the national petition work.The people’s sense of gain, happiness, and security has been constantly improving.Since 2017, the county party Committee and the county government have attached great importance to the construction of safety, strengthened measures and paid close attention to implementation.Giving full play to the leading core role of the Party Committee in overseeing the overall situation, organizing and convening the standing Committee of the County Party Committee every quarter, promoting the institutionalization, standardization and normalization of the work of peace construction.Over the past four years, a total of 420 million yuan has been invested in the prevention and control system, and 32,000 new video surveillance programs have been established for every household.The provincial joint Construction for safe border areas has been continuously deepened. The “Huguang Village” joint Party Branch and the Joint Comprehensive governance Center have been set up. 35 “Prosperity roads” have been built, 28 “heart-to-heart Bridges” have been set up, 7 “Concentric schools” have been built, and 15 “Unity markets” have been jointly run.More than 160,000 people have joined wechat matrix groups in 635 counties, townships and villages, enabling online discussion of village-level affairs, online promotion of rule of law, online disclosure of people’s livelihood, and online mediation of conflicts and disputes.We have continuously deepened the establishment of Pingan, with a total of 12 pingan towns and townships, 78 Pingan model villages (communities) and 4,575 Pingan family model households.The county organized more than 500 political and legal officers to visit rural areas and enterprises to carry out “large-scale visits, investigations, solutions and investigations”, and established 42 “workstations of political and legal organs in enterprises” to continuously optimize the business environment.In 2018, the on-site promotion meeting of Optimizing the development environment of Hunan Province was held in Jianghua. The “Jianghua phenomenon” was fully affirmed by the provincial Party Committee and the provincial government, and the “Jianghua Speed” was written into the government work report of the second Session of the 13th Provincial People’s Congress.