In January 2022, the sales performance of tianjin real estate enterprises was TOP10

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In January 2022, the central government emphasized the orientation of “housing rather than speculation”, maintained the continuity and stability of regulation policies, and enhanced the coordination and precision of regulation policies. It is expected that local policies will be further refined.Combined with market conditions, some cities have continued the trend of moderately relaxing regulation policies.While relaxing policies in many cities, some cities have continued to improve the supervision mechanism of the real estate market, strengthening supervision of funds for pre-sale of commercial housing and improving the order of the real estate market.In the short term, in order to achieve the stability of the real estate market, the national real estate market regulation policies will continue the trend of “differentiation”.At present, tianjin real estate policies still maintain a stable situation, no adjustment.In January, due to the impact of the epidemic, the property market in Tianjin was suspended for two weeks. Under the influence of this, the overall transaction volume decreased significantly in January.Let’s look at the performance of the major housing enterprises.In January 2022, Tianjin real estate enterprises sales amount TOP10 a total of 2.966 billion yuan.The threshold for the TOP10 is 170 million yuan.China Shipping topped the list with sales of 442 million yuan, Sunac ranked second with 434 million yuan, and Vanke ranked third.In January 2022, the TOP10 real estate enterprises in tianjin sold 168,000 square meters of floor space. Sunac won the champion with 21,900 square meters of floor space, and vanke ranked the second with 20,700 square meters.Special note: The sales data of real estate enterprises take the contract sales of commercial housing from January 1 to January 31, 2022 as the statistical aperture, mainly based on the sales monitoring data of CREIS in Tianjin;This report is for reference only, and the research group shall not be liable for any direct or indirect losses caused by the use of the report and its contents.Project sales amount TOP202022 January, Tianjin commercial residential sales amount TOP20 projects a total of 1.349 billion yuan, into the list threshold of 0.5 billion yuan.Lu Jin Sun City won 100 million yuan and won the top of the list.Tiancheng Huajing ranked second, with a total transaction of 94 million yuan;Longhu Tianyao jumped to third place on the list with 85 million yuan in sales.