Huang Jianxiang cried, Naza said the women’s soccer team is too good!

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China beat South Korea 3-2 in the final of the Asian Women’s Cup on Feb 6 to win the title in 16 years.Huang Jianxiang and Xu Yang cried in the studio.Many stars sent messages of congratulations, so that no fans are very excited.China won the Asian Women’s Cup in 2022, a real miracle night of the Spring Festival, countless Chinese football fans saw tears in their eyes, and left messages on Weibo, such as “Watching the tears, cheers for The Chinese women’s football team tonight”, “too good to cry, sonorous roses, Chinese girls will never give up” and so on.”You can always trust our Chinese women’s soccer team!You are the best!”In the studio, Huang Jianxiang and Xu Yang were moved to tears to see the fighting spirit of the women’s football team.Huang Jianxiang frankly said: in 1999 World Cup final hit penalty, I have experienced (tears), just he (pointing to Xu Yang) also shed tears, he wiped the tears!At this time, Xu Yang said: these are tears of happiness.Huang Jianxiang: we two big man said a lifetime football, he also played a small half life football!We are also mixed in with the shame and humiliation of the men’s football team. They play a bad game and look at what the women’s football girls are playing!Xu Yang: This is what Chinese football should look like!Can let two big men see the big scene in the studio to tears, and, BELIEVE that at this moment, there is no one but tears, women’s soccer girls you are so great!Not only that, China won the Asian Women’s Football Cup, the stars have sent messages of congratulations.Li Bingbing: “Never give up, never give up, Chinese women’s football team never give up!We are the champions!”Xie Nan posted: “WE say, temporarily don’t watch the Winter Olympics, distracted also want to give women’s football refueling ah!””You can always believe in The Chinese women’s football team,” said Yuan Hong.Deng Chao, an old football fan, also shared a picture of the Chinese women’s football team with three emojis of love and flowers: “The great Chinese women’s football team.”Li now issued a document: “Chinese women’s football, sonorous roses!Let two chase three!Bombay nights!You guys are great!”Li Guangjie posted: “Chinese women’s football is a miracle!”Perhaps too excited to take a screenshot, Zhang posted a picture of roses: “I lost my voice!”Zhang Jie said that the Chinese women’s football champions are overwhelming, and Naza said that the women’s football girls are so great!Jing Tian forwarded the People’s Daily news: “Good for The Chinese women’s football team!Bravo to you guys, too much!”Ke LAN forwarded the good news of CCTV news: “There are enough women.”Wang Yanlin issued a congratulatory statement: “Chinese women’s football, sonorous roses”.Wang xiaofei posted her congratulations: “Tears in my eyes. I am so excited.”Li Yuchun, Chen He, Jing Tian, Tong Dawei, Pan Yuiming, Zhang Yunlong and others all sent messages to congratulate China on winning the Asian Women’s Football Cup. Their excitement was beyond words.The night of February 6th, 2022 is destined to be a boiling night for people. The Chinese women’s football team won the Asian Cup again after 16 years. You are the most beautiful appearance of Chinese football, rain and rainbow, sonorous roses.Fans, please leave your best wishes in the comments section!