Banma line not comity pedestrians, Shiyan traffic police investigated 5 drivers in one hour

2022-05-05 0 By

Shiyan Radio and Television News (all media reporter Chen Wei special reporter Chen Fang) from February 16, Shiyan traffic police in the urban area to take “random inspection of key intersections” and other measures, strictly check vehicle zebra crossing not to give way to pedestrians traffic violations.Within one hour in the morning, five drivers at zebra crossings were caught by traffic police.The five drivers’ traffic violations occurred at the same zebra crossing near Jindi Square, Dongyue Road.At 10:10 a.m., the driver, surnamed Peng, was stopped by traffic police because he was in a hurry and did not yield to pedestrians on the zebra crossing.Traffic police according to the “road traffic law” provisions, to place 100 yuan, deduct 3 points of punishment.At 10:25, Huang was driving a black SUV from the zebra crossing, because he did not slow down, resulting in “incomity” traffic violation, traffic police arrested.The driver, surnamed Huang, said he saw green lights on both sides in his rearview mirror, so he just passed, saying he was very careless and did not slow down.In the end, Huang was fined 100 yuan and 3 points by the traffic police.In the interview, the reporter learned that the reasons for the driver’s incomity on the zebra crossing are diverse.City public security traffic bureau motor brigade deputy commander Ming qiang told reporters, some said to send children to school, very urgent things did not notice, there is to go to the hospital, there is that did not pay attention to observation.It is understood that east Yue Road has a total of five people crossing the zebra crossing.Among them, the zebra crossing near Jindi Square has a large flow of people and vehicles, a large number of “incomity” traffic violations and a large potential traffic safety hazard, which has been listed as a key intersection for rectification.Five “incomity” traffic violations were dealt with within an hour from 10 am.Traffic department tips, standard driving, comity to travel safely.From today, the urban motor vehicle driving “zebra crossing not comity” traffic illegal key intersection special rectification has been fully launched.