Wu Chengdian, chairman of Taiwan’s new party, said there was very little room for a final confrontation

2022-05-04 0 By

Wu Chengdian, chairman of Taiwan’s new party, said the mainland still has expectations for Taiwan and is not desperate for peaceful reunification.The top priority is not to let the two sides continue to deteriorate, because now the space from the final confrontation has been very limited.Wu chengdian made this judgment probably for the following reasons: First, the Mainland cannot accept the US intervention in Taiwan, and believes that the DPP is seeking independence from the US.Wu chengdian said in an interview with China Review News that the two sides of the Taiwan Straits are in danger of war and the mainland cannot accept THE US intervention in Taiwan, and believes that the DPP is seeking independence from the US with the legs of the US.So where is the red line on the mainland, we have to face it, otherwise if there is a war, it will be the common people who will suffer.Second, the mainland still has expectations for Taiwan. How can Taiwanese not be Chinese?Wu Chengdian said, at present only the cross-straits peaceful reunification can walk the path to the great revival of the Chinese nation, do not need to declare war against each other on both sides, Taiwan must see the advantage of the mainland, the mainland to see the advantages of Taiwan, he of the mainland bank, still feel the mainland to Taiwan are looking forward to, after all is in my own countrymen, on both sides are the same as Chinese, kind of, all speak Chinese,How can a Taiwanese not be Chinese?Third, Taiwan needs to find ways to maintain cross-Straits interaction, otherwise it will be very dangerous.’Of course there are hawks and doves in the Mainland,’ Mr. Wu said. ‘If there are only hawks on the mainland any day, Taiwan will fall into a very dangerous situation.’Therefore, how to maintain a certain degree of interaction between the two sides is not to be at daggers.Otherwise, if the two sides accidentally shoot each other, there will be problems.Fourth, in the process of the rise of the Chinese mainland, Taiwan people must participate in the growth of the dividend.Wu chengdian believes that in the process of China’s rise, Taiwan must participate in the growth of the dividend, if Taiwan now stay out of the issue and oppose the mainland, there will be nothing in the future.Wu Chengdian stressed that the New Year of the cross-strait relations will go to very serious stage, because the United States continued intervention, this is serious, but suppose back to China on both sides of the spindle, to talk about what you can talk slowly, the mainland will be priority our compatriots in Taiwan, and Taiwan belong to help in the process of the great rejuvenation plan, the significance is significant.Fifth, non-governmental exchanges across the Taiwan Straits have not stopped. Taiwan must seize this opportunity.Wu chengdian believes that even when the official relations between the two sides are very tense, the flow of people does not seem to stop. If the mainland provides the stage, Taiwan must seize the opportunity. This is the current cross-strait tension, must maintain the pipeline.The new party was founded late and its influence in Taiwan is not big enough.Wu chengdian has been in office for a short time, and his voice and influence in Taiwan are still limited.Even so, the mainland welcomes anyone who agrees with “one China” and promotes cross-Straits exchanges. Wu Chengdian visited the mainland last December to attend the Straits Forum, and his understanding of the mainland is deepening.What Wu Chengdian is saying now about the two sides of the Taiwan Straits is simple and true, though it is simple.But Taiwan’s politicians are unlikely to listen, especially the “Taiwan independence” elements of the DEMOCRATIC Progressive Party (DPP) on stage.