The SPP will set up a platform connecting four levels of procuratorial organs across the country to serve lawyers through train

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Opening inspection law communication check ten highest across the hall is jointed sidelights filed this year the highest inspection work on the national annual report “deepen the inspection law of benign interaction”, the National People’s Congress, the all China lawyers association, gao zicheng very exciting: “respect, support law takes office, the highest inspection report is not a” writing “, is a “dry up”!”The remarks came from a meeting between the 10th Procuratorate of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate and the National Bar Association.As the leading department of lawyers’ rights protection and lawyers’ association, the Tenth Procuratorial Office of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate is mainly responsible for protecting lawyers’ practice rights.How to further smooth the channels for lawyers to report problems?What is the progress of the follow-up work of the second regular consultation forum?With sincerity and sincerity, the person in charge of the Tenth Procuratorial Office of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate led a team to the All-China Lawyers’ Association and sat down with lawyers’ representatives to have a discussion and exchange views on the procuratorial organs’ efforts to further protect lawyers’ practice rights in accordance with the law.Since it was a visit to ask for advice, the head of the tenth Prosecutor’s Office did not hide the problem.”The number of influential cases supervised is low;A few procuratorial organs are afraid of difficulties and do not dare or are unwilling to supervise them.A few lawyers are afraid to offend the judicial authorities and are unwilling to provide clues…”He sincerely expressed that blocking the “back door” of improper contacts, it is necessary to open the door of normal communication between prosecutors and lawyers, hoping to listen to the opinions and suggestions of judicial administrative departments, lawyers’ associations and lawyers’ representatives, so that the work of protecting lawyers’ right to practice can be carried out in a thorough and solid way and achieve greater results.Some sincere words made the atmosphere warm up, and the lawyer representatives at the meeting made speeches one after another, giving high evaluation to the concept and practice of the procuratorial organs’ active performance of duties and active service.”It is of great importance to smooth channels for lawyers to report problems. The procuratorial organs have responded to the expectations of the lawyers and the public in a timely manner by promoting their work on this issue.”Gao zicheng said.”To expand the scope of supervision over cases involving obstruction of power, it is necessary to supervise not only criminal proceedings, but also illegal acts or problems in civil and administrative proceedings that infringe or impede lawyers’ right to practice.””If the case-handling organs have completed the legal complaint concerning lawyers’ rights protection, they can feedback the relevant lawyers as well as the relevant law firms to track the result of the case handling.””We should speed up the information construction of 12309 and establish a unified national platform.”Lawyers speak freely and express their expectation to build a new procuratorial and legal relationship.The urgent demand of the lawyer profession is the fuel for the WORK of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate to protect lawyers’ right to practice according to law.”Going forward, we will establish a platform connecting four levels of procuratorial organs across the country to provide lawyers with services, and require procuratorates at all levels to establish ‘service lawyer contact cards’ to solve the problem of lawyers having no way to seek help or find prosecutors.”Tenth, head of the prosecutor’s office said, in combination with the lawyer opinion suggestion, supreme check will take to modify perfect procuratorial organ to handle obstruct lawyer system of rights cases related regulations, stricter for the lawyer was “both have reply”, increase the attorney rights of publicity, “let the active role and in accordance with the law go into the deep, into the real grasp”.(Seo Il-dan gu Fang-kyung, Prosecutors Daily)