Piglet did not know what disease, even nosebleeds

2022-05-04 0 By

This morning WHEN I got up to feed the pigs, I found blood on the ground of the pigpen. Then I told my husband that there was blood under the pigpen, I don’t know what happened.Hubby, it’s fine. It’s probably bleeding from a piglet fight, and I didn’t take it seriously.The next morning when he came to feed the pigs, he found blood on the ground.And then I walk in and I see what’s going on side by side.Twenty pigs looked at it, but there was no damage, only one pig had blood, but there was no visible bleeder.Then I squatted there to see for a long time, suddenly there is blood out, and then I chased the pig in the past to see, I put the pig to hug out, and see the bleeding, I thought it was the neck there was bitten, a careful look is not bitten but nosebleed.Then I don’t calm down quickly to find her husband husband said there is a pig do not know what situation nosebleed and then I don’t calm down, quickly to find her husband, said to her husband there is a pig, do not know what situation, nosebleed.After listening to the husband quickly came to have a look, and then call the vet, the doctor let him take some hemostatic medicine.Hemostatic medicine also dozen, should feed the medicine also fed, but arrived the second day that piglet unexpectedly died.Do you have any friends who know what this is, what disease is welcome to leave a comment