Jinshan community is very “loving”

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Just like the current weather, Shanghai is experiencing an epidemic “reverse cold” recently. The new round of epidemic not only tests the “combat” ability of community workers, but also tests every citizen.Haishangxinyuan community, Shanyang town, Jinshan District, has been fully closed since March 15. This is a battle without smoke. Under the orderly organization and unified deployment of the neighborhood committee, the residents in the community live in an orderly way.After the closure and management of the community, the neighborhood committee immediately recruited volunteers to help transport the living materials needed by residents and carry out the purchase and distribution of medicines.Property personnel to strengthen the intensity and frequency of elimination;In each round of nucleic acid test, Baymax conducts information registration and input in an orderly manner to ensure that nucleic acid test is carried out quickly, orderly and efficiently.An invisible force inspires residents to help each other forward, there are many ordinary and touching stories happening every day.”Are there any residents who know how to repair their cell phones?”On the evening of March 19, a message from the volunteer group caught everyone’s attention.This family is a little special. There is only one mobile phone in the family. The phone is broken and there is no computer.So the child’s parents turned to the neighborhood committee for help.Later, someone in the volunteer group initiated a donation idea, which was supported by the vast number of volunteers and residents.Another volunteer made a donation on the spot to help with the purchase of a new phone immediately, and wished to make the donation anonymously.”During this special period, children’s online classes must not be delayed,” he said. “I hope I can do what I can to bring warmth to everyone during the epidemic.”Many residents said they were touched by the volunteers’ efforts, donations and gifts.I will certainly do not go out if it is not necessary, and stay at home to contribute to the epidemic prevention.That night, on the other side of the neighborhood, there was another “heart-stopping” scene.Mr. Liu, who lives in Room 201, 91, takes a nap by the window after dinner. Uncle Pan, who lives opposite, 98, is his “cloud friend”. They can see him through the window every day.But this day, Mr. Liu looked at the window for a long time but did not see pan’s figure, the kitchen light has been on.Think of the pan uncle has a slight cerebral infarction, Mr. Liu some worry, he immediately went downstairs to knock on the pan uncle’s door, the door was half open, the old man fell to the ground, so Mr. Liu immediately called the neighborhood committee to explain the situation.Upon receiving the emergency, the neighborhood committee immediately contacted the epidemic prevention and control headquarters of the town to coordinate emergency medical treatment resources, while two neighborhood committee staff immediately rushed to the scene.In less than 15 minutes, 120 ambulances arrived on the scene and took the elderly to hospital in time for surgery.Uncle Pan’s children called the neighborhood committee for the first time: “Thank you for having you in ah, today to escape danger……”The correspondent | Wu Yingying edit | Shen Yanfei coordinating editor | Chen Weiting