Huancui Lou Street, Huancui District, Weihai City: Guessing lantern riddles, dumplings, and artistic performances make a taste of reunion

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Qilu network · Lightning news February 15 – Watching lanterns, guessing lantern riddles, eating dumplings, engraved in everyone’s memories of the Lantern Festival, solidified the Chinese people’s “exclusive memory” of this traditional festival.In order to interpret the excellent cultural connotation of Chinese traditional festivals and build a fortress for the practice of civilization in the new era, various communities in Huancui Lou street, Huancui District, Weihai city have recently carried out a variety of Lantern Festival themed activities.Spring Festival rhymes residual temperature has not disappeared, the Lantern Festival with joy.Haicheng community Party committee joint point cadres, huancui district commission volunteers and community volunteers reunion, spend the Lantern Festival.As a typical element of Chinese traditional culture, lanterns symbolize happiness and auspiciousness, rendering a strong festive atmosphere.Under the guidance of community staff, haicheng students learned about the origin of Lantern Festival and festival customs, and made their own unique lanterns.Students use waste mineral water bottles as the core, in the handmade into the concept of environmental protection, and then decorated with colorful card paper, a beautiful lantern is done, finally, students also write their New Year’s wishes on the card, about study, family, friendship…Every sentence carries beauty and happiness.Tangyuan is the most distinctive food for the Lantern Festival, symbolizing happiness and reunion of the whole family.In order to feel the connotation of traditional cultural diet, community volunteers used credit points to exchange a yuanxiao dumplings, haicheng Community Party Committee joint point cadres, Huancui District commission volunteers and community volunteers to work together to make dumplings by themselves.We knead the glutinous rice dough flat and round, wrap the filling, a snowball like dumplings are ready, when the hot dumplings are served on the table, the volunteers are happy to eat, with a happy smile on their faces.We eat while chatting, harmonious neighborhood atmosphere is unusually rich.Another year Lantern Festival will come, in order to promote community integrity of civilization construction, improve the residents’ awareness of integrity, create a harmonious festive holiday atmosphere, public community along with popular opera tickets regiment, ring cui international middle school students into the sunshine elderly apartment, hold celebrate yuanxiao “celebrate yuanxiao warm harmonious be in harmony of members’ integrity of literature and art joint performance.Insisting on carrying forward the quintessence of Chinese culture, the Public Peking Opera ticket troupe once again entered the apartment for the elderly to perform for public benefit on the occasion of the Lantern Festival.Opera accompanied by sonorous gongs and drums, the traditional singing and the lifelike performance of the actors let the audience of the old people applause, the stage and the atmosphere is warm, really let everyone feel the charm of Peking Opera close.The students of Huancui International Middle School came to the community spontaneously and walked into the apartment for the elderly in sunshine. They brought wonderful Latin dance, poetry recitation and chorus to the grandparents. After the performance, they did not forget to send yuanxiao blessings to the grandparents in the apartment for the elderly.”I feel young and energetic after seeing the energetic performances of the children.”Grandpa Zhang said happily under the stage.Apricot flower village community general Party branch organization to carry out the “skilled hand to do face is a joy over the Lantern Festival” activities, hand in hand love enterprises to invite old party members, residents to participate in the district activities to do face.At the event site, community workers took out flour, red beans, black rice and other decorative materials prepared in advance, and invited district veteran Party members and residents to participate in the production of noodles.We gathered together, division of labor, some kneading flour, some pinching animal phase, a little for the surface to do the ornament, happy and harmonious, soon, a loving surface gradually forming.Through this activity, close the distance between the community and residents, to see the hands of the steaming noodles, the community elderly moved to say: “this year in the community and everyone together to celebrate the Lantern Festival is very happy, with the community memorial, our hearts are very warm.”Lantern Festival to enjoy lanterns, meaning good luck, happiness, their own hand-drawn lanterns is not general significance.Huancui Lou street northeast village community organization area residents DIY Lantern Festival lanterns, let residents further understand the origin of the Lantern Festival, feel the charm of the traditional festival.The atmosphere at the scene of the activity is very warm, we talk about the production skills of lanterns, residents gather together, close the distance of everyone, the whole activity room immediately became lively, yizhanzhen plain lanterns in the residents dexterous hands under the production, immediately become colorful.”I hope the whole family is healthy in the New Year.”At the scene, the community li Aunt wrote her own wishes on the lantern.Divide and pack……West gate community staff with the blessing of the Lantern Festival, will be boiled early yuanxiao sent to the community old party members home, the staff care to ask the old people’s life, health, so that the old people can feel the atmosphere of the festival, sweet sweet glutinous glutinous dumplings convey a happy, harmonious family of good meaning.Aunt Zhang said community workers and volunteers are like their own sons and daughters, and this year’s Festival is even more lively.