High-tech Zone market Supervision Bureau: sprint at the beginning, “warming enterprise action” to start again

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“This year is the ‘Year of project construction and Investment attraction’ determined by the High-tech Zone Management Committee. Today, we are here specially for the joint work. If you have any difficulties or problems, please feel free to ask.Just after the Spring Festival, crucial for the implementation of the city’s investment promotion and capital introduction and project construction to promote the conference spirit and working in the zone management committee work requirements, the high-tech market supervision bureau main leaders and leaders in charge, to key enterprises and popularization about rules and regulations, corporate policy, a comprehensive understanding of enterprise in the process of production and operation difficulties.”In recent years, our company has applied for a lot of invention patents, but the authorization period of invention patents is generally very long, some even need more than two years to be approved, which is quite disturbing to us.”Speaking of patent application, Zhang Dongna, deputy section chief of Shandong Valin Electronic Technology Management Office, looked puzzled.”At present, Shandong Provincial Intellectual Property Protection Center has opened a channel for rapid pre-examination of patents for the two major industries of new-generation information technology and Marine equipment manufacturing. Valin Electronics belongs to the new-generation information technology industry and can be registered in the provincial protection center system.”The staff of intellectual Property Department of Market Supervision Bureau of High-tech Zone answered Zhang Dongna’s questions on the spot, and introduced in detail the relevant policies such as “Management Measures of Special Funds for Intellectual Property in High-tech Zone” to expand enterprises’ application for funding.Immediately, the staff guided the enterprise to register on site. After the approval of the provincial Protection Center, the examination period of Valin Electronics’ application for invention patent can be reduced to about 45 working days.During the visit, the market Supervision Bureau of High-tech Zone also focused on understanding the outstanding problems and actual needs of enterprises in food safety, standard implementation, intellectual property application and other aspects, fully solicited opinions and suggestions from enterprises on the market supervision department, collected and sorted out the problems reflected by enterprises, and studied effective measures.Up to now, 7 key enterprises have been visited, 13 suggestions on problems have been collected and sorted out, and 2 problems have been solved on the spot, which has truly realized the “pass forward” of market supervision and policy services have been “a step ahead” to solve problems for enterprises.”The high-tech zone has made unprecedented efforts to support enterprises to improve their independent innovation ability and awareness of intellectual property protection. This visit to our company has gained a lot. We not only experienced the temperature of the high-tech zone, but also experienced the speed of the high-tech zone!”High-tech zone market supervision bureau of warm enterprise services so that enterprises full of praise.In 2022, the High-tech Zone Market Supervision Administration will continue to improve its market supervision and service development capabilities, and take the opportunity of carrying out the overall “Year of Work Norms” activities to further explore new work and quantify and refine indicators.With the goal of optimizing the business environment, the “Enterprise liaison” system has been established, and the “enterprise warming” action has been continuously carried out, with in-depth visits to key parks and enterprises to realize “one enterprise, one policy” and “government-enterprise interaction” to meet development needs.We will deepen the cultivation and application of intellectual property rights, and plan to increase the number of patents by 400 this year, up 10%.The registered amount of pledged financing increased by 20%, exceeding 600 million yuan.We promoted the overseas distribution of enterprises’ intellectual property rights, including 10 enterprises in the key assistance database, and authorized 10 overseas patents.Implement the strategy of strong quality area and boost 5 small and medium-sized enterprises to participate in the brand evaluation of provincial Quality Association;Promote 25 enterprises through the quality system certification, 1 enterprise shortlisted Taishan quality certification;Guide Weigao Group to pass the acceptance of national Technology Standard Innovation Base and sprint provincial brand of Dishang Group.Statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email or wechat, we will deal with it in time.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com;Wechat id: Jiupai6688 (Note to add and withdraw)