Give birth to 3 children reward 90 thousand yuan, give 1 year annual leave!Limited to new employees…The Beijing enterprise is on fire

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An internal plan to make the Beijing company stand out.Employees who have one child will be rewarded 30,000 yuan, the second child 60,000 yuan and the third child 90,000 yuan.Beijing Dabinong Group recently launched a program to encourage good parenting, maternity leave, maternity compensation for workers.Previously, Liang Jianzhang, founder of Ctrip, suggested giving a reward of 1 million yuan for having a child and making a contribution to society of far more than 1 or 2 million yuan.According to the Workers’ Daily, the group has offered a financial reward of 30,000 yuan for the first child, 60,000 yuan for the second child and 90,000 yuan for the third child.In terms of maternity leave, the enterprise will increase the maternity leave by 1 month for the first child, 3 months for the second child and 12 months for the third child according to the national standard.In addition, male employees are given nine days of paternity leave.The relevant person in charge of the enterprise introduced that the employees who had given birth before will no longer enjoy corresponding rewards, and the scheme is mainly tilted towards “new employees and young employees, bringing new hope to new employees”.According to the Beijing News, Lei Zeli, a representative of Dabeinong Securities, confirmed that the information was sent out in a group within the company, but it is only a general plan and is being carried out without detailed implementation rules.In this regard, some netizens say that this policy is very practical.In response to the question whether the rewards for the education program will drive up the cost of listed companies, Chen Zhongheng, secretary of the board of Directors of Dapnong, said, “I think it is fair to say that the company is actively creating revenue and benefits.”Zhang Guoping, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Dabinong Group, previously told China Business News that dabinong’s child-rearing program is in response to national policies to encourage more children, and to improve employees’ welfare benefits and move toward common prosperity.Both men and women are entitled to maternity benefits, but men are not entitled to maternity leave.While extended maternity leave for female employees who have a third child will affect their work to some extent, it can be solved by sharing it with other employees in the department or recruiting new employees.Liang Jianzhang, a population economist and co-founder of The Ctrip Group, has previously offered an immediate solution to encourage more children: reward families with 1 million yuan for having one child, and directly subsidize families with more children with real financial support.Liang jianzhang believes that the more fiscal spending on family welfare, the higher the fertility rate.If we calculate that China needs to have 10 million more children every year, each child needs to be given a reward of about 1 million yuan.It is not only reasonable and fair, he says, but affordable, at least for now.In the long run, child subsidies are essentially an investment in the future of the country’s human resources.Source: Workers’ Daily, National Business News, China Business News, Zhongxin Jingwei, Beijing News, etc. Source: Screenshot of weibo, Editor of Zhongxin Jingwei, etc