“East number west calculate”, and then chase in will be rinse

2022-05-04 0 By

Today is Monday, February 21st.After a tumultuous weekend, the “Digital West” sector surged 9% today, including three 20% gains.So, “east count west” this plate can catch up?It’s a pretty safe bet that the “east west” plates will diverge on Tuesday.”East number west calculate” noun is new noun, but belong to new bottle old wine, core or IDC data center.The concept of a data center has been hyped many times, and caught up many times.Moving out again this time, there is no new breakthrough in terms of core concepts.If you really want to participate in the first to identify which are strong stocks, and then to quickly enter and exit, if there is adjustment, fall below the 5-day line should retreat as soon as possible, or even according to the 60-minute line MACD as a judgment standard.With respect to strong stock, first push capital online, south Ling science and technology, and today 20cm trading aofei data because of trading time to be far later than the above two, so hardness is not as good as the above two.If it is involved in 10cm, to see nanxing shares, beautiful cloud, jia try hard, guiguang network, these forms are relatively good.Of course, for the intervention of the sudden explosion of strong stocks have a biggest problem: after the hustle and bustle is often a word board, it is difficult to buy, when you can buy, often is also the state of the dish, so to be particularly cautious.