By 2022, by how much later?How much can retirees add to their pensions?

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In recent years, the issue of delaying retirement has been a hot topic in the society, and the country has been proposing to delay retirement, but there has been no special national document issued.But this year’s two sessions put the issue on the hot list again, so will the retirement delay be implemented in 2022, and how later?How much can retirees increase their pensions after delaying retirement?China’s current legal retirement age is 60 for men and 55 for women, but this retirement age was established in 1978, at the beginning of China’s reform and opening-up policy.But now the time has passed more than 40 years, this retirement age is no longer suitable for China’s national conditions.First of all, the aging of China’s population is constantly aggravating. According to the data released by the National Bureau of Statistics, the total population of China aged over 60 in 2019 was 229 million, accounting for 16.6% of the total population, among which the total population of China aged over 65 was 166.58 million, accounting for 11.9% of the total population.The aging of population has become an important social problem facing our society.According to relevant data, by 2025, the population of China over the age of 60 will reach 300 million, and China will become a super-aged country.The social problem brought by such a large elderly population is that the pension of a large group of workers is already beyond their means.And at present, the family structure of our country is basically the only child, so how to support the huge elderly population?Secondly, as the main labor group of the society gradually changed into the post-80s and post-90s, the mode of rapid economic development by relying on the low cost of human resources in China since the reform and opening up is no longer appropriate.With the implementation of China’s family planning policy and the change of people’s conception of fertility, China’s demographic dividend is disappearing, and the shortage of labor force is also an important reason for China to choose to delay retirement.Again in recent years, China’s medical level has been greatly improved, many difficult and complicated diseases can be relatively easy to cure.The average life expectancy of our population has been greatly increased.The average life expectancy in China reached 77 years in 2018, up from 68 years in 1978.As life expectancy increases, so does the working age, so it makes sense to delay retirement.At present, the biggest obstacle to the delayed retirement policy is still the 80,90 after the group have opinions.As they are burdened with a lot of pressure and high cost of living, and most of them are the only child, they are exhausted both in terms of caring for the elderly and raising children. Therefore, some of them may start from the beginning of their work hoping for a good rest after retirement.So the policy of delaying retirement is clearly not what they want to see, although the state has said it will not apply the policy across the board.However, if the retirement policy is implemented in 2022, even if it is implemented slowly, it will have little to do with the post-80s and post-90s generation.So under the circumstances, it’s understandable that they have an opinion.How long will retirement be later Since the delay of retirement has basically become a foregone conclusion, how long will it be delayed is also the concern of everyone.According to the disclosure of the relevant documents of the state, for the staff who are about to retire in the last five years, the impact will not be very big, if the difference is five years, then it may delay retirement for about one year.However, for the post-80s generation, since the earliest workers born in 1980 still have nearly 15 years for women and nearly 20 years for men to retire, so for them, although they may not postpone the retirement age to too late, it is very likely that women are 58 years old and men are 65 years old.For the post-90s, because China’s current aging problem is getting worse, the number of newborns is decreasing year by year, so the retirement age for them will certainly be greatly postponed. According to relevant predictions, the retirement age of female workers is 60 years old, and that of male workers is 70 years old is also very likely.That is to say, it will be more than 10 years later than the current retirement time.China will become a super-aged country around 2025, and its population is likely to show negative growth around 2030. By 2050, China’s population is likely to drop to around 1.1 billion people, the same level as 1980.If we continue to use the current retirement age in China at that time, there will be a lot of job vacancies, which will be a huge blow to China’s economy.Firstly, the social pension funds in many provinces of Our country have been in serious deficit and need a large amount of financial subsidies, which to a great extent affects the healthy development of our national economy.However, after the implementation of delayed retirement policy, there is not only no need to worry about a large amount of pension fund expenditure in a foreseeable short period of time, but also a batch of long-term social security fund income, so it is conducive to the rational use of financial funds.Second, the implementation of delayed retirement policy is conducive to more experienced talents to contribute to national construction.With the improvement of China’s medical and health level, the average life expectancy of Chinese residents has been greatly extended. For men who are 60 years old now, they are still relatively young. Although some of the labor force in this age group may not be physically as good as before, they are rich in experience and knowledge and can make more contributions to the society.Third, as the income after retirement is far less than when working, and the current life expectancy of Chinese residents is longer, there may be a situation that the income after retirement is not enough for daily consumption.Therefore, postponing retirement can enable many workers to accumulate more capital income for their old age life, and lay a foundation for pension and old-age treatment. For civil servants and teachers and other groups, this policy should be more welcome.Can the pension be increased?According to the analysis of relevant experts and scholars, due to the implementation of China’s pension policy is to pay more to get more, so for the delayed retirement of workers actually do not suffer a loss, although they may pay several years more pension, but due to the gradual reduction of China’s pension gap, the amount of funds is gradually rich,So for employees who delay retirement, the pension they can get after retirement will definitely increase.Summary According to the analysis of the relevant report of the National Human Resources and Social Security Administration, China’s current pension funds of all provinces in general or a slight surplus, and with the pension fund gradually funded.The income channel of China’s pension fund will certainly be gradually widened.At present, China’s financial subsidies for pension funds are increasing, so for the delayed retirement of this group of personnel, pension funds will certainly be increased than now.Comprehensive, delay retirement this problem for groups in our country the society as a whole has a significant impact, so the country will certainly be on the basis of investigating the policy combining with the actual situation of our country, for the average person in China to do our own interests but we fully believe that state and the government will have a reasonable arrangement.Finally, I would like to ask you, what do you think about the policy of delaying retirement?