Yao sister double legend exposure, powder blue barbie wind good dream, 5 fold legend raid, CAI Wenji smiled

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Original | small king pichel, Spring Festival is coming soon, in order to meet the annual festival, king glory also launched many new activities and new skin, subsequent mystery shop is open.In addition, yao’s Valentine’s Day limited skin and star legend skin accident exposure, the use of pink and blue matching color, ancient early Barbie style, very dreamy, CAI Wenji also has good news.The mysterious store will be officially opened on January 31, New Year’s Eve, this activity is also very familiar to everyone, the Secret store is generally only open in major festivals, there are a lot of hot direct selling skin and hero, and if you are lucky, you can directly 50% off your favorite skin,As a result, many players are looking forward to the opening of the mystery Store.Additional, after this mysterious store is opened, will have skin of two straight sell legend to join mysterious store, it is Liu Bei respectively — when lover, dream odd — fat da rong Rong, the quality of these two skin is quite good.In addition, Gongsun Li – Infinite star magistrate, Luna – Zixia fairy and other popular epic skin will also join.In addition, on January 31, New Year’s Eve, Zhuge Liang — Star Region God Qi skin will be officially online, this is a glory collection skin, online need to use a glory crystal exchange.The astral Revelation skin design is gorgeous, but there are too many elements. The poster and modeling of this skin are not very good, but the skill effects are good.Star field revelation three skill effects with light and dark skin, rain, flowers and other four kinds of forms, including the rain, the flower form with zhuge liang of the rainy day, Wu Lingxian skin linkage eggs, that is to say, have this glory collection skin, is equivalent to have when the rainy day and at the same time Wu Lingxian gentleman, really very good.03 yao valentine’s Day limited and star legend exposure in addition, king of Glory in 28 has just been updated, and after this update, the game online a new home page dress up and return to the city effects, the 2 home page dress up and the 2 return to the city effects is corresponding to a complete set.Among them, the two home page dress up are deer elements, this is likely to yao valentine’s Day limited skin and star legend skin deer form.Before someone broke yao and Yunzhongjun’s Valentine’s Day limited skin is pink tone, with the pink deer can correspond, so the pink deer should be yao valentine’s day limited skin deer form, and the blue deer should be yao star legend skin deer form.These two fawn are both old Barbie style and look quite dreamy.In addition, there will be a follow-up V7 exclusive skin online, the quality of this skin is at least epic level, should be online after the Spring Festival.Before someone said that this skin will give nuwa, and recently someone said that this V7 skin is CAI Wenji, in the end to which hero or to wait for official Revelations, but to CAI Wenji’s possibility should be a little bigger.At present, noble 4, 5, 6, 8 are exclusive skin, and so on V7 exclusive skin online, that difference V9 and V10 has not exclusive skin, so the follow-up should also have V9 and V10 exclusive skin, and the quality of the two skin should be at least legend level above.Picqiu to summarize 31 mystery store open, Liu Bei – when lovers, strange dream – fat rongrong will join, Zhuge Liang – star region god kai is about to go online, yao valentine’s day limited legend and star legend beauty cry, CAI Wenji will usher in a new V7 exclusive skin.