Xiufeng district party and government leaders visited the district direct departments and held a symposium

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At the beginning of the New Year, everything looks new.On February 11, Yu Jie, secretary of the District Party Committee, liu Fenghua, head of the district, respectively led the team to visit some units, on behalf of the district Party committee and the district government to extend the greetings and blessings of the New Year to the majority of cadres and workers, and carry out work research.”Happy New Year everyone, happy New Year to everyone!””Hard work, everyone!”When did you start working in Xiufeng?”Sound language warm people, bit by bit greetings drum drive.In the morning, Yu Jie visited the organization Department of the District Party Committee, the District Industry and Information Bureau, the District Development and Reform Bureau, the District Discipline Inspection Commission, the District Education Bureau, the District Housing and Construction Bureau, the district urban management brigade and the Xiufeng Branch of the Public Security Bureau and other departments, visited the cadres and staff working after the Spring Festival, to extend greetings and wishes of the New Year to them.Thank you for your efforts to the economic and social development of Xiufeng district in the past year, and encourage you to unite as one and forge ahead in the New Year, and continue to contribute to the high-quality development of Xiufeng District with full enthusiasm, pragmatic style and efficient work.Liu Fenghua visited the district Bureau of Statistics, the District Health Bureau, the District Finance Bureau, the District Business promotion Bureau, the District Agriculture and Rural Bureau, the District Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau, the District Publicity Department, the district market Supervision bureau and other departments to visit and investigate.Everywhere, Liu Fenghua talking to staff a cordial handshake, serious, careful questioning departments units, personnel division of work and working environment, etc., understand the difficulties and problems existing in the work to promote and encourage everyone to continue to carry forward the fine style of work, with greater resilience, stronger motivation and more solid measures, xiufeng economic and social development to make new greater contributions.Research symposium held in the afternoon, the district reform bureau, district bureau of ministry, the district education bureau, live built bureau, bureau of finance, to promote office area, and area bureau of agriculture and rural areas, the area style brigade bureau, bureau of statistics, WeiJian bureau, the market regulator, area gangbusters principal respectively report to the difficulties and problems in the developing of the department,And put forward opinions and suggestions on the economic work in 2022.Yu Jie listened to the speech carefully and asked relevant parties to sort out the opinions and suggestions one by one, carefully study them, take practical measures and implement them in specific work.Yu Jie pointed out that this year is the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, it is a crucial year for Guilin to build a world-class tourism city, and it is of great significance to do all the work well.In the New Year, all levels and departments in the region should further comb the work ideas, refine the work measures, grasp production at full capacity, go all out to do the work, to ensure the orderly progress of the work in the region;We should continue to give full play to our functions, emancipate our minds, forge ahead and seize opportunities, so as to be the pacesetter in building Guilin into a world-class tourist city and welcome the 20th victory of the Party with outstanding achievements.District leaders Wang Benying, Li Qiang, Yao Guoyan attended the activity.Photo by Huang Jiewen/Zhong An Edited by Wang Yaoze Reviewed by Zhao Ying