The former communist Party secretary, who was dismissed due to the epidemic, has been sacked

2022-05-03 0 By

Li Pengfei, deputy secretary general of jilin Municipal Party Committee and former secretary of Shulan Municipal Party Committee, is under investigation for suspected serious violations of discipline and law, the jilin Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision announced on February 21.Li pengfei was removed from his post in May 2020 due to the shulan epidemic and took up the post of deputy secretary general of jilin Municipal Party Committee only in July 2021.According to the official resume, Li Pengfei was born in August 1964, a native of Rock, Jilin province. He served as the assistant mayor, Deputy Mayor, Standing Committee member, Executive Deputy Mayor of Panshi City, and deputy Secretary of Longtan District Committee.Li became mayor of Shulan in December 2015 and took over as party secretary in June 2018.In May 2020, shulan became the only high-risk area in China, and spread to many other districts and counties in Jilin City and Shenyang, Liaoning Province.On May 15, jilin Provincial Party Committee decided to remove Li Pengfei from his post as Secretary of Shulan Municipal Party Committee.Five other officials, including Yue Xiaoyan, director of shulan’s health bureau, Geng Jianjun, political commissar of the city’s public security bureau, and Liu Hanyin, director of the city’s center for Disease Control and Prevention, were also dismissed.More than a year after being removed from his post as Shulan party chief, Li returned to the party in July 2021 as deputy secretary general of Jilin, where he remained under investigation.Jilin Provincial Party Committee has decided to replace Shulan as party chief