Russia’s K Bao cries after match!He was allowed to play after a drug scandal and scored 82.16 points under pressure

2022-05-03 0 By

Beijing time on February 15, in the women’s figure skating short program competition, Russia’s Valieva withstood the pressure, won a super high score, 82.16 points is the highest existence of all competitors.Valieva was also in tears after the match. The 15-year-old girl, who was involved in a doping crisis during the competition, was understandably upset.Kbo is still allowed to compete, but unlike the other contestants, Valieva is not allowed to attend the ceremony after she wins, meaning she gets a medal but the honor is not officially recognized.The discrepancy stems from the fact that valieva, who is under 16 and under the strict protection of the International Sports Federation (FIG), has been punished in this way by the Olympic committee, which cannot ignore the doping scandal.According to before the interview, wali she said she was being doping investigation, and doping component is contained inside the body, mainly because myself at the time of taking care of my grandfather, accidentally the misuse of grandpa, so by the drugs, for such an accident, she is also very helpless, and for his teammates also is full of guilt feelings,After all, the whole team was under a lot of pressure because of her “scandal”.Wali now she can still take part in the game, and her personal in 15 won the first place, in the short program of the 82.16 high score to prove the capability of the K treasure, but also show the compressive capacity of K treasure, K treasure also cry aloud after the break, she suffered a lot during this time injustice and blame, cry also can express the feelings of the heart.Although she faced a lot of doubts because of the doping incident, she still gave her best performance in the competition.Now three daughter of Russian Olympic figure skating team has been stirring, the three girls in the game is very good, is expected to achieve very good result, and the Chinese women’s single player Zhu Yi skating is the fourth last in the short program, failed to qualify the free program, to Chinese audiences feel very pity,But I still hope that in the next competition, The Chinese players can play a better result.