“Rebirth 90 to transfer” farming, after rebirth, recognize the reality, decisive revenge, not the slightest delay

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If you don’t have enough books recently, you will be happy to see here. The veteran bookworm D Bao is here with three fantastic novels.Like must collect, in case you get lost later!D treasure recommends to everybody today: “reborn 90 to transship” farming, after reborn recognize reality, decisive revenge, the least does not delay the first “group bestows favor on her naturally with blessing in 80” author: Feather 7 introduce: old Song home exceeds unripe punish money, still be a female baby.Ten li eight villages all joke: is really a money loss goods, or a debt ghost.
Grandma hugged her baby granddaughter: “What do you know?It is Little Fairy, little Fortune from the mother of my son.”
Song’s blessing really came, pheasant line up to lay eggs, contracted mountains grow ginseng doll.
The eldest brother said: “my sister is sweet and cute, you have to yield to her.”Passerby a: She hit me.Guide to the pit: Feng Qiuying took the little Fu Xi over, said: “know you were born, MY heart is thinking about.I am at last glad to have you back.””Mom, this isn’t all good, have what not dependable.”Zhao Cuilian said, “Look at your granddaughter, isn’t she pretty?””Oh, nice, nice.”Feng qiuying opened the bag covering her head and saw little Husi staring at her with big black eyes.The glutinous rice like small round face, long eyelashes flicker flicker, really rare.Little Osi was bored all the way, but someone finally lifted the quilt for her.Immediately open small mouth toward the woman smiled in front of smile, “cackle” milk sound soft Sue.”Oh, my little darling, smiled at me.”Feng Qiuying gave birth to three girls, and she really likes girls.Especially when I saw little Osi looking so good.Repeatedly say: “I am grandma, call grandma listen to?””Oh.”Little Osi said yes and blinked.This is the feng Qiuying funny, heart to change.”Hurry home,” he said. “Your father has been waiting for you.”(Click below to read for free) The second book “Rebirth 90 to transport” author: Yunmeng Jusi (” rebirth 90 to transport “farming, after rebirth recognize the reality, decisive revenge, not a bit of procrastination) introduction:Past listening and snow mother a few cookies and candy Lin fool, leave the love of her father, and mother and stepfather after use so to sell her, life bitterness, and intermittently tortured, died before her mother and stepfather and slag slag has become a big star sister destroyed, rebirth after she wanted to stay well in the love of her father’s side, mother them far away from the slag.1 guide to the pit: the rabbits were put in the cage by Lin Guoan, the fat rabbit will be dealt with later.Listen to the snow played hot water let Lin Guoan wash his hands, such as Lin Guoan washed his hands into the house after listening to the snow to go to the county to buy the steamed stuffed bun out;”Third uncle, meat bun.”Lin Guoan hasn’t had a meat bun for a long time, but he still shakes his head at the haunting meat bun.”Uncle Three is not hungry, so he keeps the buns for Xiao Xue.””Uncle Three eat, I have eaten with father in the county, these four steamed stuffed bun is specially bought back for uncle three to eat, if uncle three don’t eat, I will be angry, I will ignore you.”The little wench pouted toward Lin Guoan next mouth, this is the expression of habit after she is angry.She knew that uncle Three was not hungry, but reluctant to eat.Lin Guoping saw his brother or reluctant to eat the meat steamed stuffed bun on the busy said old three, you eat it, snow specially bought for you.Lin Guoan picked up the steamed stuffed bun and took a bite. Although it was cold, it was still delicious.Then Lin Guoping on a proud face of his brother said really did not think of ah, those herbs actually sold ninety dollars, snow is really our small lucky star!”Ninety dollars for those herbs?”Lin Guoan thought brother to joke with yourself, but see Lin Guoping that serious table please is not joking;”Basically be that polygonum multifolium is valuable, but if it weren’t for light snow affirmation also can’t sell a few money of.”Lin Guoping with a look of self-satisfaction to sell herbal medicine process one by one with Lin Guoan narrative.(click on the below free reading) third dress qiao daughter-in-law in the seventy s the author: a summer civil summary: habitat three days after Ann know summer wear heels to girlfriends supermarket waves, he dropped into a have had stepfather stepmother, was forced to follow brother doormat female with small educated youth to the countryside, will also be best friend in the whole building supermarket to move up.Guide to getting into the pit: “If it’s a real man, all go, except for the coward who is afraid of death.” He laboriously nibbled on a pancake with mushroom ragu and chives, and accepted the authentic food of the north with ease.”To hear you say so, even old men?””She said, only half joking.”Why not?They pick up at the back, just the way they used to go. There’s not much danger. You’d be a fool not to go and scrape together more meat for your family.””When I went to change eggs this morning, I saw people living in the cowshed,” she said, looking down at her work and speaking casually as if she were gossiping. “I thought remote villages like Hetang wouldn’t be let in. Would they go?”This words said, instantaneous quiet in the house, “you a wench how to think so much?”Nie Yichang did not think much about it, but quietly answered: “There are educated youth coming, why can’t there be black five?But news was slow in Hetang, and the villagers did not like the outside world, so the people in our village lived a poor life, but they were not singled out every now and then as in other places.People ignore them. If you see them in the future, you should also take a detour. Don’t let some malicious people look at you and report them behind your back.”Even Zheng Lizhi also stern face told: “Yes, this world wind a day change, WE can not care over, don’t meddle.””So they’re not going?”Qi Yunlan asked again as if she had not taken it to heart.(Click below to read for free) The novel has been shared, do you think it is ok?Welcome to tell D bao in the comment area oh, look forward to your comments ~ review of the past wonderful content: “I am the Queen in the Wilderness” farming wen, wear to the primitive times to be the leader, lead the clan to become rich “Online game god is spoiled into life players” game sweet text, the top hacker was he as a child pet