Joy and sorrow!Short track speed skating at the Winter Olympics: Three men have made it to the final stage, with Fan Kexin unexpectedly eliminated

2022-05-03 0 By

Beijing Winter Olympic Games is underway, short track speed skating continues to compete, the most let us care about the men’s 1000 meters and women’s 500 meters competition, both of our athletes have a chance to fight for the gold medal.In the quarterfinals, our players all faced challenges. Fortunately, all three of the men advanced, while fan Kexin, who had just won the gold medal for women, was unexpectedly eliminated.In the mixed relay, we successfully won the gold medal, and now in the individual competition, in the men’s 1000 meters, We have Wu Dajing, Ren Ziwei and Li Wenlong, but in the quarter-finals, all three of them had problems, fortunately, the results were very good, and all of them successfully advanced to the next round.Wu dajing was competing with Park Jang-hyuk of South Korea in the first group. After starting out, Wu grabbed the first place, but was overtaken later, and then was affected by park Jang-hyuk’s accidental fall. However, Canada’s Giller was fouled, and Wu dajing advanced to the second group.Ren Ziwei and Li Wenlong appeared next. Like Wu Dajing, both of them had accidents in the course of the race. Ren Ziwei was always leading, but in the last lap, he was affected by the Australian, and then fell off the track.Fortunately, the referee after replay, Hungary’s Kruger was sentenced to foul, Renziwei group second promotion.Li wenlong, a young player, faced Hwang Dae-heon of South Korea and Liu Shao-lin of Hungary and was ranked last at the beginning, but he did not worry and soon came to the second position.Also on the last lap, Negett of the Netherlands overtook Li wenlong and knocked him off the track. After video penalty, Li wenlong advanced to second place in the group.Although the race was a bit hairy, the results were good, and all three Chinese players advanced.Different from the men’s thrilling promotion, women in the 500 meters quarter final, there was an accident.Fan Kexin, who just won the gold medal, appeared in the first group. She was defended by two Canadian racers. In the last lap, she wanted to make a good fight, but in the last corner, she was interfered by Canadian Racer Charles, accidentally fell off the track, and finally ranked third.The other two Chinese women also made it through, with Zhang Yuting in the third group, along with Italian veteran Daniela Fontana and South Korean choi Minjing, who started in third place but slipped off the track and finished second.Qu finished second in 43.029 seconds in the fourth group, which featured a series of false starts and accidents with Dutchman David Schuiting.