“I am on the post” Jiuquan Public Security: the story behind “trivial matters”

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For promoting security stability during the Spring Festival and the epidemic prevention and control work, public security improve position arrangement deployment, jiuquan KaoShi responsibility to coordinate, strictly from solid to strengthen epidemic prevention and control, social security sweep, dredge bao chang street patrol, traffic order, to crack down on illegal and criminal activities such as work, fine fall down small each work measures, pay close attention to district public security situation,Make every effort to create a safe and peaceful holiday environment.”Thank you for your persistence, so that we can set our minds at ease during the holiday.I know you still stick to your posts. This bowl of dumplings is specially made for you.”On New Year’s Eve, the enthusiastic people of Subei County learned that the police station civilian auxiliary police could not go home because of their duty duties, so they sent hot dumplings, so that the civilian auxiliary police on duty were deeply moved.During the Spring Festival, the city’s public security organs street police station 24 hours on standby, respond to the needs of the masses, quickly handle all kinds of emergencies, arrived in time to help the masses.Timely and effective disposal of New Year’s Eve at 20 p.m., Jiuquan City Public Security Bureau Suzhou branch police station police patrol on duty passing through the area of a garbage pile point, found the garbage was ignited, the fire spread trend, above is the power supply line and the wind is very strong, the situation is critical.The police immediately called 119 and actively assisted in the disposal. Due to the timely disposal, the fire was extinguished within half an hour.The fire was found in a timely manner, properly handled, no loss of personnel and property, received widespread praise from the public.Police remind: festival activities, do not throw away cigarette butts.In the home fire power consumption, but also pay attention to fire safety.The night of February 1, Jiuquan Dunhuang City Public Security Bureau Qili town police station on duty civilian auxiliary police in the area of the industry site on the way back to check, found a man lying in the seven road in a green belt.It was determined that the man was intoxicated and at risk of hypothermia.The police tried to wake the man up, and put him in the police car to keep warm, and then contacted his family to send him home.Upon seeing their safe return, the family members repeatedly thanked the police for their hard work.Police remind: drinking should be moderate, small drink happy feeling, big drink harm body.Winter weather is cold, after drinking must pay attention to travel safety.Help find the child February 1, Jiuquan City Guazhou county public Security Bureau police station on duty police received a police situation, said ding less than 4 years old son in the gate of the Baoli Jia park play because of grandmother negligence, the child disappeared, need police help.After receiving the alarm, the police immediately pacify the child’s parents, asking the child’s name, age, height, clothing and other characteristics when lost.After understanding the situation, the police took immediate action, through the transfer of monitoring, scene surrounding visit, police system inquiry, driving along the road to find and other ways, finally found the child in a intersection, the child’s family to the police repeatedly thank.Jiuquan public security warm tips: The Spring Festival holiday, the increase in the flow of people, children lost alarm, parents must take good care of their children, do not let them away from their sight, once found the child lost, parents should immediately call the police.Lasted 4 hours “looking for cattle” on February 1, jinta County public Security Bureau Jinta police station received an alarm said: red dunzi farm Li’s two calves disappeared, the request for police.Hongdunzi farm from jinta police station about 70 kilometers, two-thirds of which for the gobi sand road, road conditions complex, rugged difficult to travel.Police station police drive lasted more than 40 minutes to arrive, after a simple inquiry, soldiers divided into three ways to help find.In the meantime, call the county office and request reinforcements with drones.Through nearly 4 hours of visit and search, the lost calf was finally found in the Gobi Desert 13 kilometers away from the farm, and was successfully brought back to help people avoid losses.Referred to in conditions of p heart towards one busy figure by touching moments is the ubiquity of the people’s police guarding the safe behind you always appear in the people most in need of time like a warm sun made the warmer Spring Festival producer | Duan Xiaoping final | | pittenger mf audit, astute editor release | | wan d.Rongmedia Center of Jiuquan Public Security Bureau