Chan!Let’s have a look at the New Year’s Eve dinner of the world’s culinary capital “Little Kitchen God”

2022-05-03 0 By

“This New Year’s Eve dinner, let mom and dad taste my craft!”In Shunde, guangdong province, the world’s culinary capital, a group of students volunteered to learn from teachers during the first winter vacation after the “double reduction” policy. They put down their textbooks and picked up cooking utensils to prepare for the Lunar New Year’s Eve dinner.Shunde Fish cake, soya sauce emperor chicken wings, Shang CAI xin, Yangzhou fried rice, cupcakes…From traditional Cantonese cuisine to western-style desserts, can you surprise the audience after all the difficulties?Have a look at shunde “little Kitchen god” New Year’s Eve dinner!Reporter: Huo Siying Li Jiale editor: Fang Kuan Xinhua Audio and video department production