Beijing property market: the future of the most expensive house in what area?

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Beijing Real Estate Association has more than 10 years of practical experience in the real estate market, has provided investment purchase advice for more than 11,000 families, Beijing is rarely from the macro market into the micro market of every transaction link of the actual experts;Accumulated field survey community more than 10000, more than 1500 trading experience;Help people struggling in the imperial capital to buy a high-quality house, take the bonus of the city’s economic growth, get a certain return!No more than 20% of houses in Beijing outperform the market. Our selected funds run ahead of the market.Jing General, I have Beijing registered permanent residence and the first set of first loan qualification, 1.5 million down payment to buy Tongzhou Yuzhou Langting Bay, this plate can meet the needs of value preservation and appreciation A: Answer;Hello, thank you for trust, Yuzhou Langting Bay real estate advantage is good,90 square can be made into three rooms chaoyang, but the location of the real estate is a little far, followed by a life terminal.The advantages of self-living are relatively large, if the investment is not the best choice.Suggestions in the core area of Wuyi Garden business circle, or Wanda selection, these two places are currently tongzhou relatively high resilience of the region, value preservation and appreciation is relatively stable.The suggestion reads the article that the planet places top seriously “tongzhou outperforms the market to choose to raise guide chart” wish everything goes well!Q: Hello, President Jing.Thank you for your sharing. At present, I want to buy a house, mainly considering the convenience of life and transportation, and the comfort of life in the future.At present, I hesitate between Lang Feng and Tongdian.I would also like to ask whether the demolition of Baliqiao area will enhance the value of Tongdian area in the future?Thanks A: Reply: Hello, thanks for trust!1. I do not know how much your budget is. If you consider the convenience of life, you can focus on Fuli Golden Jubilee Garden and Wanfang Home in Wanda Business circle.2, eight mile bridge area belongs to the western gate of tongzhou, in the west is the overflow areas constant camping ground leaves, chaoyang from position in this area is not obvious competitive advantage, the whole is focus on the development of new town, tongzhou new town is focus on the development of the canal CBD, high quality land near the canal business center, the future has a certain value, the other plates are supporting service area.The proposal sees next place top medium article “tongzhou outperforms the market to choose to raise guide chart” wish everything goes well!Have a problem can consult me again!Q: Hello, President Jing.About tongzhou housing selection, due to budget constraints, wanfang home, Beijing Trade international west area and other projects can not be considered at present, the intermediary recommended the North people home, it is understood that the project can just enter the market transaction, would like to know whether this project is ok?Do you have any suggestions A: Answer: Hello, the value of old houses in Tongzhou is relatively weak, because Tongzhou is A new city, and ZF holds A large amount of land that has not been developed. At present, there are many new and sub-new houses in Tongzhou, and the value of this house is not big in the long run.The same price can see yixiu famous park has the right.In fact, tongzhou is worth buying dish is not much, on the two business circles, suggest reading the top of the planet article “Tongzhou outperform the market selection chip guide map” Q: question: Beijing, hello!I’m looking forward to your reply.1. I am a pure white, with a first loan for the first apartment and a down payment of about 200 yuan. I work near Sanlitun, buy a house, invest and live by myself for a short time.Is there a large space for preserving and increasing value?Thank you,2. If you do not consider the case of self-occupancy, is it worth investing in a quality community?Do you have any recommended areas and properties? Thank you very much.A: Answer: Hello, thanks for trust!1, you work near Sanlitun, Chaoqing belongs to a more appropriate area, these two plates outperform the market is not a problem, Chenguang Home and Xuan Te Jia Yuan belong to shifoying plate board.Including the morning home A heat is higher, the market trading is more active, but not the morning home large area B (see below), and dazzle of jre issue or more handsome, under the condition of the plate in the money allowed near may choose quality of new residential properties of high quality building dish, the green belongs to undertake chaoyang international trade in southeast area of the superior quality and just need to improve the plate,There is no shortage of purchasing power, and the competitiveness in the market is relatively advantageous. The result is that the quality property of this plate is always in the leading state.2, if you do not consider the case of self-occupancy is worth investing, from the characteristics of the buying group in Beijing, most of the customers who buy a one-bedroom are just need customers, this part of the customer group is characterized by a wait-and-see mood is obvious, the property market must be hot to have a good increase,Core areas the quality of the studio is worth the investment of online analysis of Beijing’s bedroom is not worth buying, this idea is too absolute, ignore the problems of the investment cycle, but two bedrooms clinch a deal in the market of baby, clinch a deal the data may reach 52% in 2021, 10000 units per month in Beijing, has 5200 sets of is a 2 bedroom, so I likeIf can buy the circumstance that lives 2 as far as possible to go up diligently toward 2, the open room investment of core section also can, the proposal reads the elite article that the planet buys top seriously “Beijing house property invests core logic and principle” wish everything goes well, have a problem to ask to me again!Q: ask: total: hello, according to your suggestion, I am currently locked 2 plates, if three-bedroom is constant camping ground leaves, if the 2 bedroom toward green or DaWang Road, basic agree and home, thanks to Beijing general guidance, always A problem, also want to ask Beijing next step how to choose housing, thanks to A: answer: hello, location decision future price ceiling,So the real estate decides the future growth, whether can outperform the market.Housing determines future liquidity;Choose the right plate investment success rate can reach more than 70%;Want to buy the region’s leading real estate and housing, more details;Safe is to follow the trend, with the eyes of the public to select housing, not new suggestions.One is the choice of housing, with the current market situation, north and south transparent, the basic is a relatively high quality housing.If it is a bright kitchen is the value of the increase.Second, the floor, if it is a top board, middle and upper is optimal, middle floors of medium, the farther the meaning may be slightly worse, the lower plate floor, three or four floor is better choice, is building three options: choice is the most important building lighting and noise, indoor daylighting is no problem, no basic problems are less noise.You can see it once during the day and once at night, mainly looking at daylighting and mainly listening to noise at night.Four is the property, property services will be more stable, as long as it is relatively large.The biggest function of property is not to increase value but to preserve value.Good property can make the whole community very clean and tidy.Even if you live for 10 years, you can also calculate the last new suggestion. Read the article “Beijing Real estate investment core logic and principle” carefully. Wish all the best!Q: Question:Hello, President Jing,Our family has a set of housing at present, but there is a quota of people, can’t loan, liabilities in the current housing over 400 of mortgage, annual family income of about 400, 1000 cash on hand now, also can get by the end of 300, the total price is about 1200-1300, want to configure a set of house property, want to ask next Beijing investment area or in the futureWhat are the key points and future trends?Xie A: Answer: Hello, thanks for trust!1. After 317 in 2017, the law of housing price rise and fall in Beijing is different from before. During the period of housing price rise after 317, the quality of core area and school district lead the rise, and then the quality of overflow area is secondary new, and finally the quality of remote location is secondary new.This is the law of the rise of the big market.Non-core area, non-primary overflow of the plate is generally the end of the big market.But at present, the general market is less and less, if the budget is enough, as far as possible to choose the quality of the core location of the new, at this stage to buy a house investment is to choose the ability to raise, two is the financial technology, whether in limited funds to maximize the interests, this is the principle of investment at this stage.The quality of the core area is generally the new regional housing price vane, if the housing price rises, are basically leading the rise, down the sideways period is also the strongest.These houses are characterized by brand developers + brand property, building collar new, belong to the scarcity of products in the whole region, the overall living experience is higher than the surrounding community, belongs to the target plate replacement improvement of this region, it is important that this kind of plate in line with the purchasing power of this region.2. After 317, the falling market of the property market appeared, and the community with unpopular areas, poor supporting facilities and poor quality would fall first, and then spread to the old broken small communities with good supporting facilities.Finally, the quality of the new core section.On the contrary, the quality of the core section of the new more resistant.No industry, no education, no quality will lead to the lack of local purchasing power, falling market is bound to fall first.3, Beijing due to long-term regulation caused by the backlog of purchasing power will be concentrated in the improvement of the group, the total price of more than 15 million belongs to the blue ocean market, 10 to 15 million can get the core location, new 3 or quality two rooms,The current supply of all kinds of welfare housing will lead to the scarcity of secondary housing in core areas;Almost become a lone product, from the perspective of investment, the purchasing power of the core area is relatively new, in line with the mainstream of the future market.The proposal reads the article that the planet buys top seriously “Beijing house property invests core logic and principle” wish everything goes well Q: ask: hello Beijing total, how are you to observe the bridal chamber of Beijing an area trades the market to have without investment value, what index or be able to handle perhaps way, how to analyze the prospect that it has investment?A: answer: hello, is one of the main indicators of valuable, to buy purchase price and selling points clear, A lot of people will say that house prices, or which area rose quickly, property developers A pricing again, but this is your buying price, is the developer sold you the price, the real battle is the secondary market,That is to say, you are really listed in the second-hand market for sale, how much is the price of the first sale, how long is the second clinch a deal cycle, when it is really sold second-hand, how many times is the difference between it and the surrounding first-hand discount.This discount rate is an obvious indicator.In some relatively poor plate, almost to hit about 70% off, some more, these areas of the house to buy is a premium, absolutely can not invest.Suggest to read the article of the top of the planet seriously “Beijing real estate investment core logic and principle” wish everything goes well.Above questions from the public, | han shu will focus on the public, han shu will enter the “planet” knowledge for questioning, craigslist