2021 China Computer Society Award Ceremony held

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The annual Award ceremony of China Computer Society (CCF) was held in Hengdian, Dongyang, Zhejiang province on February 19.Under the theme of “Responsibility, Innovation and Dedication,” seven awards were presented, including the 2021 CCF Lifetime Achievement Award, Xia Peisu Award, Outstanding Engineer, and Excellent Doctoral dissertation.Hu Shouren, professor of National University of Defense Technology, and Zhang Jingzhong, professor of Guangzhou University, were awarded the 2021 CCF Lifetime Achievement Award for their outstanding contributions to China’s computer industry.Named after the famous female computer scientist Xia Peisu, the CCF Xia Peisu Award is awarded to women who have made outstanding achievements in the field of computer science. The 2021 CCF Xia Peisu Award is won by Professor Jin Zhi of Peking University and Professor Shi Yuanchun of Tsinghua University.Qian Depei, director of the Award Committee of the China Computer Society, said in his speech that CCF award should adhere to the recommendation system, strive to develop into the most credible and influential award in China, and play the role of encouraging advanced and encouraging the public.It is hoped that more people will participate in CCF award work, discover and excavate outstanding computer scholars and computer workers, actively participate in the nomination, and continuously improve the “gold content” of CCF award.According to the regulations, CCF awards evaluation system is recommended. According to the regulations, CCF has different award evaluation sub-committees which are responsible for the preliminary evaluation, and the award committee is the final one, and the final one is submitted to the president for approval.As awards have been awarded in accordance with international standards, more and more awards have been awarded, and their influence has been increasing year by year. Many awards have been highly recognized by the industry.Source: China Youth Daily client