Rural union station “New Year flavor” fragrance Anhai Basou village lucky star “cake” according to

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Quanzhou Evening News · Quanzhou Pass client February 2 news (Quanzhou Evening News reporter Xu Yaling Chen Qitao intern Liu Yuan Kun/photo) In Quanzhou, the Chinese New Year to “steamed cake to make next” is a traditional custom.As the saying in Southern Fujian goes: “Steamed cake to make cake ‘hair’ New Year.”Because of this, the bowl cake is also called “fougao”.Basou village, Anhai Town, Jinjiang, is famous for making bowl cakes, the smell of which fills the village during the Spring Festival.Stride into villager Wang Gongtu’s home, it is hearth, firewood, big steamer, small pottery bowl.Such simple and familiar decoration, people can not help but think of the old days.At this point, a pot of white fat bowl cake just out of the pot, Wang Gongtu is busy pouring them one by one into the basket.”Bowl cakes that are well made and fermented have the best smile.”Wang gongto said that the “smile” here refers to when steamed bowl cake, due to the expansion of the rice milk fermentation, when spilled out of the container, the shape like a smiling face.On the other hand, if the fermentation is not good, the resulting bowl cake will not look good, lumpy, or taste sour.Over the years, Wang has been cooking the cake in a traditional wood stove, steaming it in a high heat. The cake is soft and sweet, and the cracks at the top are even better.In the past, after making bowl cakes, the villagers of Batou village need to peddle along the street, but now, they have a fixed place to sell — rural Union station.The rural union station is “set up by the Party committee and the government, and performed by the village and the enterprise”. The selected products are mostly local specialties, aiming to help the rural revitalization.It is worth mentioning that this rural union station also set up an online ordering platform, through which basou bowl cake was sold to other places and almost sold out every day.