People who go to Sanya for Chinese New Year, can’t escape the fate of pit?

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Everyone who comes to Sanya during the Spring Festival will probably do the following: read the “Sanya Pit and Lightning Protection Guide” on social media, and open the “ten things not to do in Sanya” travel guide after landing.Even so, tourists are always on their guard and often rely on the knowledge they have stored in their heads to avoid the pitfalls of the journey. “Getting stuck in Sanya during Spring Festival” has become an annual topic.In winter, countless young and middle-aged people on vacation and the elderly who are afraid of the cold will flood into Hainan Island with their families.Sanya is indeed the best place for inland tourists to spend the winter: the warm climate, the coastline surrounded by blue water, long sandy beaches, colorful and diverse tropical fruits, as well as a large amount of fresh, fleshy seafood…Arriving in Sanya, most of the people who filed out of the plane were full of fantasy and anticipation for their vacation of “swimming in a tropical island”.From a fishing village to an international tourist center, Sanya has embraced the migrant workers who were laid off from the northeast in the 1990s and moved south in search of gold. It has also seen property prices soar beyond the reach of locals.With foreign accent “migratory bird old people” in this house, consumption, small groups to buy vegetables, square dancing;The resort offers a wide range of customised holidays, from beaches to offshore duty free shops, catering to travelers who simply want to spend money;Houhai Village, which has become popular in the past two years, gathers young people who want to escape from the city. During the day, they chase the waves with their surfboards. At night, they get together with friends from all over the world to drink and dance, where the fantasy of hippie lifestyle comes into reality.Before the pandemic, it was one of the most popular winter vacation destinations for South Koreans and Russians.During last National Day holiday, when the epidemic was slowing down, Sanya received more than 140,000 tourists in just one week.In the past two years, haitang Bay and Houhai Village have been continuously settled by hotel chain groups.However, due to the phenomenon of ripper, such as “three courses cost 4,000 yuan” and “people have to sign and draw pictures before eating”, Sanya used to let all tourists with caution and vigilance before landing, and the image of the city also plummeted.A few years ago, a group of honest local merchants formed an alliance to stop the rip-off and put up a banner saying, “If we can’t solve this problem, we’ll go home and quit.”And the local government is also increasing the rectification efforts, industry and commerce, price departments have to intervene;The entry of standardized brand hotels also has a positive impact on the local business environment. The tourism image of Sanya, which once suffered a steep decline, has gradually reversed its decline in recent years.However, judging from the popularity of “Sanya Thunder Protection must see” and other guides on major social platforms, tourists never relax their vigilance on Sanya, and it seems that they can not relax.The deal is 200 yuan a person jet ski, get the price can be reduced to 100 yuan a person;After negotiating the price, the operator “kindly” asks the tourists if they want to try jet skiing themselves. When the tourists think it is to enrich their travel itinerary and agree, only to find that the price has doubled after disembarking.Sanya tourism lightning protection guide from a book, such a phenomenon is still frequent in the water project management.Despite the presence of several luxury star-rated resorts, it still takes a bit of street smarts to ensure a less stressful experience when navigating sanya’s streets.At the gate of the airport will be surrounded by tourists layer upon layer of black motorcycle, from the moment you leave the airport, you will experience the common in the mainland ten years ago to grab customers phenomenon.Wet, can appreciate a variety of tropical insects homestays, check-in found seriously inconsistent with the picture;Accidentally sitting on a 120-yuan an hour beach chair on the beach;There are still soliciting customers but not clearly marked seafood restaurants…Nowadays, Sanya seems to be more standardized on the surface, but it is still a high incidence of all kinds of invisible rip-off.If you want to go on an on-the-go trip without a guide, your judgment will be muddled by all manner of recommendations, from a caring taxi driver to a street vendor selling coconuts.From accommodation to travel, Sanya seems to have some minor lightning spots that are not serious, but can affect your mood.Therefore, some users even meticulous and intimate to remind “do not buy incense at the door of the Nanshan temple, the door will find that it is not allowed to take and the price is much more expensive than the temple.”Although the chaos of the local catering industry has been repeatedly exposed, and the local government and industry insiders have made a lot of efforts to this end, it is still the most open and diverse way to cheat people over eating.If you eat two meals, if you don’t step on thunder, you will succeed. The travel notes on the social platform mention that sanya catering is a big exclamation mark: if you encounter something different, dial 12315 immediately. Don’t worry that it is not accepted by outsiders.And some of the “buy seafood fruit bag of salt, checkout before may look right” and “seafood when denominated in some merchants may put the price of an item from the calculator input twice, carefully listen to the calculator offer” sanya life such as small step, a second is to let people back to the early stage of market economy, there is no trust between people.One guide mentioned the recommended seafood restaurant as being next to the local town hall and police station, with police cars parked in front of it — a testament to “good price and good taste.”And originally as a small number of surfer gathering place, but has recently become a network red card in Sanya Houhai village, also in the process of popularity, inevitably entered the “come to, small kill once again go” stage of development.With the influx of tourists, houhai’s surf shops have expanded to more than 100, but only 5 percent of its instructors hold the ISA certificate issued by the International Surfing Association.The cheaper “coach” may also just learn this year, the only good is “photo will be a special film”.The roadside shops and intermediaries that provide surfing teaching services tend to take tourists to those newly opened surf clubs with unknown qualifications because they can get higher sales commissions. The real professional houhai village has little competitiveness after “going out”.Tourists are likely to hire “surf instructors” who don’t know anything about surfing. The pit is at best a loss of expertise in calm weather, but a life threatening hazard in winter when waves are high.Only see strategy is not enough, there are a lot of people just because a picture of the layers of filter net and expecting to only two big stone “tianyahaijiao”, waiting your photos need of an hour “the door of the sky”, and “park” like the door and many projects and other charges of yalong bay tropical paradise forest park,Inexplicably exposed to the sun all day and feel very empty and bored.In fact, whether it has caused public opinion uproar price catering, or now still exist countless small travel minefields, such a phenomenon in every domestic tourist city, more or less appeared.But its popularity has made sanya’s operators a bit giddy-up.Customers are coming, business is always there, and the number of local businesses is relatively fixed, so why not make more money with a little ingenuity?What’s more, Chinese people pay attention to a “come all come”, when they meet the unpleasant pit, most people will consider their entire trip and choose to swallow their pride.Especially in the winter such tourists, everyone is in the rush of travel in the tourist season, some regulatory loopholes, coupled with a few tourists, as long as a little crooked thinking can double income, such temptation, it is difficult for some businesses to adhere to the honest business.Some locals attribute the high number of rip-offs to the influx of migrants.According to official figures from five years ago, 70% of sanya property buyers were non-locals.Special local product in online strategy, whether to buy fruit or eat seafood and many have been to sanya, many tourists are highly recommended to avoid web celebrity restaurant near the scenic spot and stall, much to the old store downtown, the villages, because the store in the city, at the need to rely on word of mouth and repeat business of the locals to make ends meet, they will pay more attention to quality and sincerity.Most of the popular online shops and stalls near the scenic spot, which have no shortage of customers, just want to make a profit during the Spring Festival.Among the businesses that shape the image of Sanya as a “black-hearted destination”, there are indeed some non-local businessmen who do not care about the image of Sanya as a city. They tend to follow the tourism boom and go to Yunnan after a few years in Sanya.Destroying the reputation of a city for short-term profit does not bring negative effects to speculators. Such short-sighted behavior will ultimately damage only the tourism industry that the local people depend on.The same island tourism, Sanya’s price is much higher than a trip to Southeast Asia;As people have recently discovered, the price of skiing in snow country is enough to pay for several trips to Hokkaido.If, at the end of the epidemic, people are faced with more outbound travel options, I wonder whether they will still fly to Sanya every winter just like migratory birds.Sanya, where to go?China News Network: Rewind 2021: Sanya tourists hold what “traffic password” under the epidemic nine line: How much do you think you should not go to Sanya for the winterSebastian Images from Network and Vision China all rights reserved