Usmile, the super player who “flipped” the Chinese oral care market pattern

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“Only 36.1 percent of adults brush their teeth twice a day.”This is according to the Healthy Oral Cavity Action Plan (2019-2025) issued by the National Health Commission.If you look closely at the topic, you can get nearly 100 million results in search engines, most of them pointing to different answers and popular science.Another question on Zhihu, which received more than 25,000 traffic, asks “Why do you brush your teeth morning and evening?”It is not difficult to see that correct oral care methods and health awareness have not been fully popularized in the current Chinese market, and there is even a long way to go.But judging by the amount of discussion the simple act of brushing your teeth has generated, users are becoming more aware of oral health care.With the advent of the new consumption era, people’s consumption concept is constantly updated, and their attention to oral health has reached an unprecedented height, thus catalyzing the rapid growth of oral health related consumption, ushering in a new growth dividend.And that’s where the killing begins.In recent years, the whole oral care industry has experienced a large number of hot capital inflows of hot money, with international brands, traditional leading enterprises, new brands three head-to-head confrontation, gradually entered a period of stable development.But the early battlefield full of smoke left two treasures: one is that the old pattern was broken, the industry began to have new opportunities, really “hot up”;The other is that something as trivial as brushing your teeth, which is easily overlooked, has become one of the biggest health concerns of people today.At present, “oral economy” is in full bloom, among which electric toothbrush is a unique show.In the whole electric toothbrush pendant category, domestic brands have broken the high market barriers established by leading foreign companies, successfully recaptured the home field in their own hands, and brought more possibilities to the industry.From user education to changing the industry pattern, and then to domestic brands to control the home of consumption, China’s oral care industry is rapidly changing, embarked on the incubation of “oral consumption super brand” journey.Electric toothbrush industry disruptor: USMILE from “dark horse” to “veteran” Electric toothbrush is becoming a new demand of Chinese users.According to the “Online Oral Track Research” released by Biguan Technology, in the first three quarters of 2021, the total sales of oral care-related fields reached 20.1 billion yuan, among which the online GMV of electric toothbrush category on and Taobao was 6.625 billion yuan, accounting for 80% of the total consumption of oral appliances.It is not difficult to see that nearly 70% of users in the market oral health care knowledge gaps are being filled, while stimulating the overall vitality of the industry, driving the growth of related consumption scenes.With the popularization of oral care knowledge, including mouthwash, teeth flusher, baby oral care products and many other oral health segmentation consumer fields are making efforts, the whole industry is booming forward.Nowadays, electric toothbrushes have become the standard for most young people.But if you go back five years, manual toothbrushes still accounted for 98 percent of consumer choices, while the remaining 2 percent of electric toothbrushes were international brands.This is what USMILE faced when it entered the market.There are international brands entering the market first, and then there are thousands of factory brands. The pattern in the market seems to be very stable, which is a typical super Red Sea market.As a new consumer brand, what kind of road to open the market and find the key to communicate with consumers is an urgent problem for USMILE.At that time, the domestic manufacturing industry had many years of experience in OEM electric toothbrush for big brands. It was not difficult to make an electric toothbrush that could attract users at a “low price”. What was difficult was to go on in the industry for a long time.From the moment it entered the market, USMILE understood that selling a product is not the same as being able to stand firm in the industry.To stand out from the crowd, build a moat that can stand all the tests.”Return to product innovation and continue to create value for consumers” has become the spiritual core of USMILE.If you want to do a good job, you need to have core production and research technology and a strong supply chain system.However, five years ago, the industry chain from upstream to downstream was not advanced. Most of the upstream supply chain operated in OEM mode, and the technological reserve was not enough to support brands to solve problems through innovation.In the face of the constant homogeneity of product technology and the technical patents of international brands, there is only one way for USMILE to overcome the trend: independent research and development.Only independent research and development can redefine the products and technologies of “electric toothbrush”, get out of the industry dilemma of “OEM”, and become an enterprise with core technologies.Within five years of entering the industry, USMILE has developed its own motor and circuit chips, breaking the competition barriers long established by international brands in terms of technology.Recently, USMILE has also developed the latest generation of sine wave drive patented technology, which effectively improves the cleaning power and plaque removal effect of electric toothbrush, and also enables many peers to have the target technology as a reference.According to published reports, usMILE has more than 300 patents under its belt as a result of continuous research and development.Its unique extreme cleaning technology, disruptive energy consumption technology, “45 degree Pasteurized electric toothbrush” and multi-segment oral care scene products, etc., bring scientific oral care products to consumers.If before 2018, the electric toothbrush market was dominated by international brands and domestic brands competed in the waist, then after that, domestic brands represented by USMILE officially began to exert their power, allowing the capital market and users to see the strength of Chinese oral care brands, becoming the “dark horse” in the market.With the continuous deep cultivation, after only two years, the market pattern has changed.It can be seen from the research of China Economics Industry Research that since 2020, the market share of leading foreign brands has begun to decline, while domestic brands have begun to rise.Among them, USMILE has the most outstanding performance. According to the data of Tmall platform, USMILE became the first brand with sales volume exceeding 100 million on Tmall FMCG in the 618 period of 2021, and ranked first in the market share of oral care, electric toothbrush and dental flusher.During double 11 of the same year, USMILE official flagship store once again ranked no.1 in sales of oral care brand, and became the veteran of oral care industry from a dark horse.As a leading enterprise in the industry, USMILE clearly realizes that only by constantly returning to consumer demand and making industry standardization and transparency criteria more clear, can it bring innovation power to the oral health care market.In order to understand what users want, you need to understand where your industry is at and identify the problems that still need to be solved.In more than five years after the perfect integration of industry chain and the innovation of kinetic energy into, usmile took part in formulating China home appliance association group standard electric toothbrushes, electric toothbrush, brush brush head vibration frequency swing, antibacterial performance 20 performance parameters and test methods, such as the specification, design for electric toothbrush product research and development of enterprise and provides the quality controlAccording to the examination, improve the market electric toothbrush products good and bad uneven situation, promote the adjustment and optimization of product structure upgrade, promote the healthy and orderly development of the industry.By subdividing the development stage of the industry and redefining the industry standard, the brand can clearly position its own development and further promote the development of the industry.In addition to constantly observing the development of the industry and providing innovation momentum for the industry, USMILE has also devoted a lot of energy to another aspect: enabling a new generation of consumers to pay more attention to oral health.In terms of communication channels with users, USMILE has made a lot of attempts.”We can’t just put ‘consumer-centric’ on the wall as a corporate culture”, everything still needs to return to the user in oral health care needs and pain points.So what do consumers want now?Usmile subdivides the user population.According to different ages of user demand for oral care is different, from the mass people, young people, orthodontic crowd, niche oral care needs of the people demand of oral care, to clean, whitening, maintenance and other professional oral health knowledge to explain in detail for different focus, the oral care health consciousness and attitude towards life permeability ones.At the same time, in order to promote the scientific oral care awareness of the whole nation, USMILE has collaborated with general practitioners, doctors of stomatology and orthodontics experts at home and abroad to define the three stages of oral care in China and advocate the three steps of scientific oral care.”Three nursing steps” easy to understand, convenient for consumers to use products one by one;The “three nursing stages” is aimed at the diversified use scenarios of different consumers, providing advanced product matching for oral care.After becoming the leading brand in the industry, the market constantly puts forward new requirements for USMILE.On the one hand, as a brand focusing on oral health, USMILE needs to constantly upgrade its brand research and development capabilities, so as to drive the development and innovation of the industry as a whole.On the other hand, with the goal of “improving oral health for all”, the demand in the vertical category market has become more diversified, and users’ attitude and concept of life are changing, so many choices are presented to USMILE.Especially in consumer goods such as electric toothbrushes, the market tends to oversupply.However, in the opinion of USMILE, the brand needs to do a good core, and in order to go more stable, it needs to return to the redefinition of “scientific oral care methods”, through the supply-side innovation of oral care products, so that oral health consciousness can take root and sprout in the health consciousness of the young generation.Only the continuous rise of users’ health awareness can bring enterprises the possibility of long-term service in the market.In many industries, domestic brands are growing and playing an increasingly important role.But few companies, like local brands in the oral care industry, have reclaimed their home ground while educating users about oral health in a market almost monopolized by international brands.Against international brand new brand, it is the hottest topic in the past few years, the capital of the blessing, brand incoming hundreds of thousands, won few and far between, in the burned in the six years of oral “battle”, there is no doubt that usmile is the Chinese brands stand out, also is in the new era of consumer successfully hatched super brand China oral care industry.From the product side, the long-term accumulation of independent research and development capabilities and supply chain management capabilities enable USMILE to quickly respond to new market demands, thus accelerating product iteration and brand upgrade.From the perspective of users, USMILE’s insight into users’ needs enables the brand to penetrate into different circles and drives users’ awareness of oral health from the side.On the industry side, USMILE promotes the overall development of the industry through the restructuring of the industrial chain and the redefinition of industry rules.At present, USMILE is establishing a global oral laboratory to dig into user needs on the road of universal oral health awareness popularization, the unknown areas of the industry to be explored, and oral care products to be developed.Throughout the growth of USMILE, in order to make a good brand, it is often necessary to pay attention to three aspects: pay attention to the polishing of its own products and accumulation of technology, pay attention to the changing needs of users, and pay attention to the overall development trend of the industry.As a homegrown super brand, USMILE is moving steadily in product polishing and innovation, technology accumulation, user demand insight and industry drive.Professional, technological, diverse…The market has attached many labels for USMILE, but each label cannot completely summarize its core competitiveness based on the industry head, nor can it define who USMILE has become and will become.The oral care industry is not a fast track. It requires brands to have the patience to polish their products and constantly educate the market.The competition with international brands will not stop, and the education of the market can not be relaxed. However, usMILE has already embarked on the road of super brand. Although challenges will continue to increase, as long as it maintains its acuity, innovation and user-oriented foundation, there will be more possibilities in the future.The article was reprinted on 36kr public account