Tsinghua talented girl Gao Xingxin: crack the Beidou sent to the United States, her father dismissed because of her, but now want to return home?

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I remember when we were young, the school always taught us to study hard and serve our country when we grow up. At that time, the teacher would ask us what our dream was, and many of us would answer that they wanted to be scientists, astronauts, police, soldiers or doctors and teachers.Everyone’s ideals are different, but they are all in order to make more contributions to the country.Therefore, in order to realize their lofty ideals, we will study hard in our studies, hoping to be admitted to China’s top universities — Tsinghua university or Peking University.But had a tsinghua prince, she accept the education in China’s most outstanding schools, enjoy the best quality state of learning resources, take the national scholarship to study in the United States, should be grown in return to homeland after their graduation, but she did not return the motherland, instead of after studing abroad into the arms of the United States, and even to decipher the satellite flattering treason to the United States,She is our hero today — Gao Xingxin.Gao Xingxin was born in Harbin, Heilongjiang province. Her parents are both government employees. It can be said that Gao Xingxin’s family condition is very good since she was young.Thanks to her wealthy family, she received the best education in the city, and her parents had high hopes for her.Gao Xingxin did not live up to the expectations of her parents, from childhood to college grades are among the best, she has become a neighbor with excellent and stable results “other people’s children”.When gao xingxin grew up, she was admitted to Tsinghua University and became a student of the Department of Fine Instrument.In Tsinghua university, she received the highest quality learning resources in the country, and she did not relax her study because she became a tsinghua student. During the four years of university, Gao Xingxin devoted all her energy to study.Gao xingxin was admitted to Tsinghua University as a graduate student in the department of electronic Engineering.During her postgraduate study, she had access to the most advanced science in her field, and with her excellent professional ability, her supervisor also let her participate in the scientific research work related to the Big Dipper.During this period, she came into contact with a lot of scientific research on the Big Dipper and published numerous academic papers. Finally, she was admitted by Stanford University in the United States and her major was still electronic engineering.At this time, Gao Xingxin’s parents were very proud and proud of having such a proud daughter. Her father was the deputy director of heilongjiang Public Security Department at that time, and specially compiled some of her daughter’s education experience into an education book and published it. Gao Xingxin’s parents’ parenting methods and education model were sought after by many people.However, she forgot her original intention after studying in the United States at public expense, or she could get a Green card and become an American citizen. Her undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Tsinghua University in China are just paving the way for her future at Stanford university.Gao xingxin did not choose to return to China after her doctoral degree, but stayed in the United States as a Stanford student.If things come to this, then Gao Xingxin can be at most after dinner “each person has his own ambition, talent can not be retained” talk, but she did a very serious thing after the successful launch of China’s first medium orbit satellite, seriously damaged the interests of the country, but also hurt the hearts of countless compatriots.It turned out that China was actively developing GPS, hoping to get rid of the shackles of the United States positioning system, but we launched the first satellite success did not long, the United States scientific research team deciphering the password of China’s Beidou satellite, and the leader is Chinese Gao Xingxin.She is after cracking cracking methods and the whole process proudly published in a famous scientific journal.Grace xingxin gao of the paper is causing concern in the U.S. military, and grace xingxin gao has sold their results of the study to the United States, the United States, of course, is the most appreciate this eat an inside to pick outside the unscrupulous traitors, can let grace xingxin gao used this kind of loyalty to the United States for the United States is better, so the United States granted grace xingxin gao highest honor award, and presented a green card for her.She also renounced her Chinese citizenship and became an American citizen of her dreams.When the news reached China, people were outraged and despised gao xingxin for her treason. Not only was she expelled from Tsinghua University, but her father was also dismissed from his post, leaving the whole family in disgrace.The United States, where Gao xingxin was dedicated to serving, soon discovered that Gao had only decipheredunencrypted civil airwaves, and that her deciphering posed no threat or significance to China.Therefore, the United States simply convicted Gao xingxin of “espionage”, on this pretext directly withdrew all the treatment given to Gao Xingxin before, along with her most important green card also recovered.This was undoubtedly a bolt from the blue for her. She lost her permanent residence right after getting a GREEN card from the United States. Losing her green card at this time would undoubtedly make Gao Xingxin a displaced stateless unregistered citizen.Under all but, to avoid to be sent home by the United States, Gao Xingxin takes the initiative to return home to declare that he should use what he has learned to serve the motherland, she is still in wishful thinking that he is a rare talent, now lost and returned to the country will accept her again for sure.But her previous treason against god, how can our country accept a traitor with a criminal record.Gao Xingxin in the United States after abandoning her birth and upbringing of the motherland to return to the embrace of the motherland, it is simply wishful thinking.