Spring Festival in Dongsheng also has a “spicy taste”

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The original name of “monkey brother” was Liu Chenghou, because there is a word hou in his name, and I am also smart and hardworking, so we call him “monkey brother”.Brother Monkey, 30, from Chongqing, has been selling vegetables in Dongsheng for more than four years.As his stall has a complete range of vegetables and fresh dishes, it has attracted many regular customers and vegetable buyers from restaurants, and his business is getting better and better.Dozen the in and out of more than 50 vegetable species list WuLiuQian dollar purchase cost which is vegetables every day day after day, little elder brother “the monkey elder brother” dongsheng “repeat” the monkey elder brother said business is better than their hometown where do, table is not high, good citizens is dealing, year struggle down, as long as bear hardships and stand hard work, the family can also earn concentrations.Monkey brother and his family, who are full of harvest, chose to stay in Dongsheng for the Spring Festival this year.”On the one hand, we need to respond to the national call to celebrate the Spring Festival locally.On the other hand, my father, mother, grandmother and brother are all in Dongsheng and have adapted to the life in Dongsheng. They plan to settle down in Dongsheng and have a good year in Dongsheng as a family.””– Vegetable vendor Liu Chenghou Chinese New Year, monkey brother’s family also prepared a sumptuous family reunion dinner.”Local people in Dongsheng love to eat beef and mutton for the Spring Festival, while southerners like to eat pig’s head, pig’s hands, sausages and bacon for the Spring Festival.In addition, we eat tangyuan and Chongqing hot pot during the Spring Festival. Although we eat different foods, our mood is the same.”The New Year, monkey brother’s New Year’s wish is also very simple.”I hope my family will be safe and I can earn more money in the New Year.I also hope I can find a girlfriend in Dongsheng.What are your New Year’s resolutions?Xiaobian has quietly opened the “wishing pool” for you in the comment area to make a wish!Recommended reading East Wins shuaihu happy New Year!Click to unlock good luck in the year of the Tiger 2022!Pre-sale broke 500 million!Are you ready for the Spring Festival holiday?New Year’s day, hit a recruit “tiger”!
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