Mother-in-law mistakenly put the mask when brown sugar to make “brown sugar steamed stuffed bun”, daughter-in-law: father-in-law has been eating for a week

2022-05-01 0 By

Ms. Ma, a Netizen from Henan province, recently posted a video saying that her mother-in-law mistakenly turned a seaweed mask into a steamed bun for the Chinese New Year.It can be seen in a touch of brown sugar steamed stuffed bun “brown sugar” particles have still to melt and obvious white drawing on February 6th afternoon video photographer ms ma told reporters that every year Spring Festival mother-in-law package of brown sugar steamed stuffed bun this year a total of three baskets of total package have found hundreds of she and her husband returned home this year’s steamed stuffed bun is wrong “a taste I found wrong, and also very luo teeth.”The steamed stuffed bun break after don’t flow doesn’t even have particles melt sugar water and white wire drawing finally found her mother-in-law mistake seaweed mask as the brown sugar, according to ms ma her seaweed mask has put for a long time, its grain and brown sugar color some similar, mother-in-law think is brown sugar, afraid to waste, before the Spring Festival is used to package the steamed stuffed bun.”My father-in-law has been eating for a week, and he said that his stomach is a little bloated these days, which may be related to eating the ‘seaweed mask stuffed bun’, and there is no other problem.”In the end, her father-in-law did not go to the hospital because there was no other reaction, Ms. Ma said.Warm reminder: do not put non-edible things into the kitchen as far as possible to be careful of accidental eating ~ source: Jiamunews, Henan Urban TV, net friend comment