Lu Cheng “Gong Wei” road

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Recently, Sanya was awarded the title of national health city again, which is the result of sanya’s unremitting efforts and pursuit on the road of “gong wei”.Since 2021, sanya has made concerted efforts to carry out a mass patriotic health campaign with people’s health as the center. With health creation and construction as the focus, various patriotic health work has been well completed and remarkable results have been achieved.A vigorous campaign to clean up urban and rural areas has been launched, including the “Five Loves” health campaign, a patriotic public health clean-up campaign, and improvement of urban and rural living environments.The main and secondary roads, back streets and alleys, farmers’ markets, “three and four small” industries, residential communities, construction sites, urban and rural areas in urban areas, villages around, courtyards and in front of houses, abandoned building facilities and other places have been focused on environmental hygiene, creating a good health environment for COVID-19 prevention and control.In 2021, the city carried out 235 sanitation activities, dispatched 295,866 people, cleared 164,193 dead spots, 58,322 debris, 29,648.64 tons of garbage, and 54,567 mosquito breeding sites.Health create work steadily promoting, coordinating human settlement environment and strategy of rejuvenation will create and rural village of provincial health, beauty, rural construction, civilized ecological village create, rural domestic sewage treatment and rural supplier work together, achieve the unified planning, unified, coordinated the create work of health village, health institutions.Strengthening supervision and guidance of healthy cell construction in healthy villages in healthy cities, organizing personnel to carry out key inspections on 15 municipal functional departments, 20 healthy villages and 35 healthy cells, effectively promoting the healthy cell construction in healthy villages in healthy cities.Health education and publicity, public health consultation, health education lectures and other activities have been extensively carried out. In 2021, there will be 17 national fitness events in the city. In the first Healthy China promotion Action and annual Index release conference, Sanya was awarded the title of Annual Symbol city of Healthy China.There are 115 freestanding public toilets and 101 attached public toilets in 91 administrative villages and 5 farms in the city, which can basically meet the needs of villagers.A total of 8,890 toilets were registered in the provincial information system, and 56,366 household toilets and 77 public toilets were completed. The penetration rate of sanitary toilets was 97.27%.The three models of “farmers’ own cleaning”, “government purchase of socialized services” and “government + enterprises + public welfare jobs” have been included in 75 administrative villages and 5 farms, with a total of 19,366 households of 70,657.1 cubic meters.Municipal rural toilet waste treatment and resource utilization more than 85%.The quality of environmental health in rural areas has been well improved.Solid progress has been made in comprehensively promoting garbage classification, carrying out targeted garbage classification publicity and training, popularizing knowledge of garbage classification, building 603 garbage sorting kiosks (houses), providing 47,753 and 5,914 garbage sorting barrels for household and public use, and distributing 150,000 garbage sorting publicity materials.The city has been equipped with 4 recyclable transport vehicles, 4 hazardous waste transport vehicles, 32 kitchen waste transport vehicles, 1,651 other garbage transport vehicles.It has built 16 domestic waste transfer stations with a daily transfer capacity of 1,400 tons.A total of about 816,100 tons of domestic waste were treated, of which 744,600 tons were incinerated and 71,500 tons were catering.We will intensify efforts to prevent and control pollution.During the year, 1481 complaints and reports on environmental noise were accepted, 161 construction sites were inspected and rectified for 927 times, 60 cultural and entertainment venues were rectified for 36 times, 407 places for social life were rectified for 449 times, 129 morning and night market stalls were rectified for 153 times, and good results were achieved.Source: Sanya Daily