Damp-heat life, high blood fat, a way to dissipate the damp-heat evil, the body blood clear

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Today, I would like to talk about high blood fat and “damp heat”.A friend says he was recruited yesterday, originally blood fat is tall, look for the doctor to still have damp heat inside oneself body, do oneself anxiety is not good, what circumstance is this?I believe many friends also have this problem, I tell you a story, read you almost understand.We had a 48-year-old male patient. What’s the problem?It is hyperlipidemia, even two or three years of physical examination is this problem, he is also heart big, improper return a responsibility, slowly the body is uncomfortable.When he saw the doctor, he said he had dry mouth, wanted to drink water, felt uncomfortable in his joints, felt a little pain, and some joints felt feverish.This situation is not a few days to develop into such, probably also more than a year time, bit by bit to develop to become such, finally went to the local hospital of Traditional Chinese medicine.Engraving: red tongue, yellow tongue coating dry, pulse smooth number.How do doctors prescribe?Atractylodes atractylodes, Phellodendron phellodendron, Alismatis alismatis, Sichuan achyranthes, coix seed.(For reference only, do not blindly use drugs, if there is a need, please find a professional doctor dialectical guidance to use) this prescription, we should see the two wonderful, four wonderful shadow.In general, this compatibility is actually the load of ermiao SAN, can also be understood as four miao pills plus Ze Xie.After four weeks of drug use, the discomfort on his body basically disappeared, blood lipids were checked, and the index was basically normal. After three weeks of drug use, the drug was stopped.Later follow-up, good diet control, no recurrence. Look at the situation of this friend, dry mouth, hot joints, pain, redness of tongue, yellow tongue coating, smooth pulse.This heat is not simple, it will “burn” our body fluid, just as we simmer soup, the longer the simmer, the thicker the soup.Where did he get this heat?- hot and humid.For a long time, the dampness and evil turn into heat. His pulse condition is smooth, and the smooth pulse — phlegm and dampness, and the number pulse — is hot.In recent years, the problem lies in the heat and humidity. The mouth is dry, the joints are uncomfortable, and the high blood fat makes it difficult to run.Atrictylodes dryness invigorates the spleen, Phellodendron phellodendron dryness, purifies the fire and steamed, Chuanniugenu Tongli joint, diuresis tonglin, Coix seed clearing heat and water permeability, and finally this wei Ze diarrhea, helps water relieve heat and reduce blood lipid.When the damp heat in the patient’s body is gone, the body fluid is not affected, and the blood lipid is not so high.Wet heat type of hyperlipidemia, there are many in life, especially diet, love to drink friends, high blood fat does not say, joint is uncomfortable, urine is yellow, yellow tongue coating, red tongue.In this case, you should adjust your lifestyle, eating habits and make time for exercise.Otherwise the illness will be more and more serious, the difficulty of treatment will be more and more difficult, very painful.