A boy was rolling dough in the market. He could roll six pieces of dough at a time

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You have to do something meaningful in your life.A little boy was helping his parents to make steamed stuffed bun in the market. The young boy was wearing an apron and covered with flour, which attracted a man to watch. The man asked him if he could play with his peers.The little boy said with firm eyes: No envy.On January 21, 2022, a man was strolling at a big bazaar in a rural area of Qingdao, Shandong Province. When he came to a steamed stuffed bun stall, he found that in addition to the owner’s wife and the boss, a little boy was helping them roll out the dough.The man asked the boy, “My classmates are the same age as you. They are playing now. Do you envy them?The little boy, wearing a mask, replied firmly: I don’t envy.The man then asked him: why not envy?It’s nice to be able to play around like they do.The little boy answered while rolling dough: What’s there to envy?There’s no point in playing.The man then asked the boy: What’s the point of rolling dough here?The little boy replied: It means the most to me to help my parents share some pressure.After listening to the little boy replied, the man sighed, you are too sensible.At this time the little boy picked up six pieces of dough rolling up, the man saw repeatedly praise: you are great, a roll six pieces of dough.According to the man, the boy is just 10 years old and still in primary school. So far, he has been making baozi with his parents in Daji for several years. Compared with other children, the boy is much more mature and stable, perhaps this is what people often say: children from poor families take charge early.After watching the video shared by the man, a netizen commented: “The pet child is a pet, and the big child is a character. Regardless of how powerful he will be in the future, judging from his performance, he will surely be a responsible person when he grows up.The net friend said very reasonable, children room tasted suantiankula is good, want to let him know, sweet is not innate, but only have experienced bitter, if has only let the child experience the sweet life, never let them know that human suffering, the child’s cognitive is flawed, the cognitive once formed, it is hard to change it.