Su Yiming wins gold in platform diving!Excited after the game: Thanks parents and coaches!Thanks to the motherland!

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Su Yiming, a 17-year-old Chinese snowboarder, won the sixth gold medal of the Chinese delegation with two solid jumps in the men’s big jump final at the Winter Olympic Games on Feb 15.After the game, he said excitedly that he was very excited to know that his parents came to see him. Thanks to his parents and coach!Thanks to the motherland!Is a matter of fact, there are 3 days Su Yi 18th birthday song, had been asked “what do want to receive birthday, Su Yi wong said that he since skiing competition, by the help of many people, this is very precious gift for him, hope I can play better, then give yourself a more precious gift.I believe today’s gold medal is his best coming-of-age ceremony.We first got to know Su yiming from the film the Taking of Tiger Mountain, directed by Tsui Hark. The phrase “I’m afraid you can’t catch me” has come true in the Olympic Games.On February 7, after Su yiming won the silver medal, Director Tsui Hark also gave his blessing, saying, “Your performance is wonderful, and you are also a good skier. I wish you come back with the gold medal.”Actor Tong Liya also said that from tiger Mountain to the Winter Olympics, emboli became a truly free flying dove, very proud of him.Netizens even gave him a nickname, “Little Su God”, to match su Bingtian, a famous sprinter. After hearing this, Su yiming said that he was following the Tokyo Olympics and the nickname was encouragement and motivation for him.And Su Yiming is not only the strength reached the world level, mind pattern is also very big.During the competition on Feb 7, netizens suspected that the judges had scored too low, which led to Su and the gold medal missing out.The judges later admitted that they had given the Canadians too high a score because they could not see the mistake and by the time they saw it, the score had already been submitted.When everyone blamed the judges and demanded the return of the gold medal.Su generously said that he was in a good state that day and was already very satisfied with the result, and did not pay attention to the public opinion.Su’s coach also took su along and called the referees, saying that they didn’t care at all, that they understood that the referees’ job was difficult, and that they were grateful to all the referees.Skiing circles are all family, also hope that everyone will not blame the judge, netizens praised the pattern.It is worth mentioning that Su and gu, the “gifted skier girl”, were childhood friends. Gu won gold and Su won silver before, but this time it happened to be the reverse.Mr. Su said he was in touch with Ms. Gu almost every day, and that Ms. Gu had taught him the ropes after her gold medal on the platform.Born in Jilin province, Su yiming was taken to a ski resort by his parents, who love skiing, when he was 4 years old.In fact, being an actor is also a good choice for him. At the age of 17, he has already acted in many films and TV works and won recognition from the audience. But because of his love for skiing, he decided to become a professional skier at the age of 14.In an earlier interview, Su said his goal is always to be number one, and he works toward that goal every time he competes.Come on boy, shine!Editor: Gu Yue part of the material from, Xinhua, cover news