Lion Hill promotes new ways of reading to provide better reading services to the public

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Pearl River Times news (reporter/Li Fuyun correspondent/Li Huali) “buy books to spend money, go to the library to borrow time cost is higher, but since the neighbor’s home with a library, do not have to go out to borrow books, really convenient!”On February 13, Cheng Xiansheng, a resident of Shicheng community in Shishan Town, successfully helped his son borrow the great China Treasure Hunt series from the neighborhood library.Nowadays, there are dozens of “libraries built in people’s homes” in Shishan. They have a common name — neighborhood library, which not only effectively makes up for the shortage of public libraries, but also uses books as a medium to close the neighborhood relationship.The curator team Area, the town has two levels of cultural departments jointly launch the neighborhood library curator of the south China sea symposium, invited in your neighborhood, then never island neighborhood library, garden neighborhood library, young dolphins neighborhood library such as backbone, curator of the scene to share their experiences, hopes to drive more people to join neighborhood librarian team.Under the active promotion of shishan Town cultural Development Center, there have been dozens of neighborhood library curators in Shishan. They share the collection of books in the public library, books at home and reading experience with their neighbors, and organize regular reading sharing activities to create a good reading atmosphere.Never Island Neighborhood Library Director Rosie is an elementary school teacher.Since becoming the curator, she has been promoting reading to children and families aged from 4 to 8 through acting, reading, speaking, drawing and handwork in the form of “Sister Cloud Stories”. So far, she has held more than 100 activities and become one of the ten best demonstration sites of Foshan Library neighborhood library.Under the influence of Rosie, neighborhood neighbors and community residents often visit to borrow books.Yuan Ling, a shishan resident, applied to build a neighborhood library in 2020 and named it tianya Haige.Since the family has a “library”, her daughter fell in love with reading, usually like immersed in the sea of reading, and often called herself a “little curator”, not only help students borrow books from home, but also take the initiative to plan and organize reading activities.”I was most happy when a child with autism started to open up because of reading.”Filed the biggest harvest, garden neighborhood Lv Wei said the librarian, her precise promotion for different groups, regular books brought into nursing homes, welfare homes, school education class, etc., which has inspired a lot of special children’s reading interest, there is one of the autistic children after took part in many activities, began to slowly try to communicate with people, “this is the power of reading!”Next, shishan Town cultural Development Center will take the opportunity of neighborhood library construction to further leverage social resources, open up the “last meter” of public cultural services, activate collection resources, and provide citizens with better reading services through the new reading promotion method of “library + social force”.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: