Financial work: To face up to difficulties, strengthen confidence, take the initiative to reform

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In the morning of February 14, Yi Xianrong, secretary of the Tianmen Municipal Party Committee and director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress, Yang Xingming, deputy secretary of the Tianmen Municipal Party Committee and mayor of Tianmen, went to the Finance Bureau of Tianmen city to investigate the financial work, and stressed that we should cultivate financial resources, tap potential, prevent risks, keep the bottom line, and provide solid financial support for the high-quality development of Tianmen economic society.At the meeting, The Finance bureau of Tianmen city reported the financial operation of the city, Tianmen High-tech investment Company, Tianmen International Investment Company, Tianmen City tax Bureau, Tianmen City people and Social Security Bureau, Tianmen City organizing Office, Tianmen Municipal Party committee organization Department respectively combined with their own reality made an exchange speech.Yi Xianrong stressed the need to face up to difficulties.While recognizing our achievements, we will focus on preventing risks and pressure and other difficulties and problems, strengthen analysis, research and judgment, and further improve systems and mechanisms to ensure that difficulties and problems are properly addressed.Strengthen your confidence.We will focus on high-quality development, ensure wage, stability, and growth in a coordinated manner, and strive to increase the size of the economy, improve the economic structure, strengthen market players, boost economic vitality, and improve the development environment.We will strengthen our services.We will attach equal importance to service and management, conduct financial management in accordance with the law, and ensure that every expenditure can stand the test of history.For the people’s financial management, always adhere to the people-centered development thought, further strengthen the sense of service;We should have a sense of preparedness, plan ahead, guard against risks and keep a good bottom line.Learn to calculate accounts, big accounts, long-term accounts, comprehensive accounts, understand the policy, professional financial management, overall consideration of the current and long-term;We will standardize management, strengthen the ranks of cadres and institutions, and further improve management efficiency.Yang Xingming requirements to high quality development requirements, good “four accounts”.Calculate good political account, development account, people’s livelihood account, benefit account, the financial work in the overall development of the city’s planning and promotion, the political effect reflected in the promotion of high-quality development of financial work in the process, strengthen policy research, give full play to the benefits of financial funds.To grasp the root, take the bottom line.We will actively cultivate financial resources to support the development of the real economy, effectively guard against and defuse debt risks, and make the pie of the economy bigger.We should take the initiative in carrying out reform to improve the quality and efficiency of reform.We will further rationalize the fiscal management system, do a good job in managing direct funds, and implement policies to cut taxes and fees and enjoy free government benefits without having to submit claims.We need to strengthen management and enhance capacity.Build up the service consciousness, responsibility consciousness, gatekeeper consciousness and reform consciousness, forge strong ability, maintain fine style, provide solid financial support for the high quality development of Tianmen economic society.Tu Ji, member of standing Committee of Tianmen Municipal Committee and Vice Mayor, Wang Guifeng, member of Standing Committee of Tianmen Municipal Committee and Minister of Organization Department participated in the investigation.Source: Tianmen Daily