Falling, wading, gas leakage……Review of domestic steel mill safety accidents in 2021

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Reviewing the whole year of 2021, the production safety of iron and steel metallurgy industry has been a topic of concern, the whole year can be summed up in a word: frequent safety accidents, blood lessons!The year 2021 has come to an end, but the work of safety has not ended, and the accidents that occurred are still vivid in my mind. The lessons of blood can no longer be verified with blood, and the price of life can no longer be paid with life.Standing at the beginning of the 2022 Lunar New Year, reviewing these tragic accidents is to remind everyone to pay attention to safety production, build a safety defense!At present, the work of safety production is in a critical period, and iron and steel enterprises should strictly prevent the emergence of safety risk factors.Back in 2021 small make up some representative safety accident case assembly is as follows: key words: high fall accident date: on October 13, 2021 accident name: rich Aaron steel high fall accident accident: jinan shandong laiwu district rich Aaron iron and steel co., LTD., continuous casting workshop personnel, falling accident, killed three people, 1 injured.Warning: Eight high falls in 2021 resulted in nine deaths and one injury.The impact force formed when a high-altitude falling accident occurs is destructive and irreversible to human body.Without proper protective measures and equipment, it is easy to fall from high altitude, resulting in casualties.Key words: vehicle accident Date: October 11, 2021 Accident name: Jingye Group company commuter car fell into the water accident: Pingshan County, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, jingye Group company carrying 51 people, driving to the middle position of the Queen Mother Bridge suddenly fell into the water, resulting in 14 people were killed.Accident warning: There will be 3 vehicle accidents in steel enterprises in 2021, resulting in a total of 16 deaths.At the moment of vehicle accident, due to psychological or physiological reasons, the parties do not observe and judge the external things correctly, resulting in scattered energy and slow reaction, which is manifested as poor observation and improper measures.There are parties to rely on their own subjective imagination judgment or overestimate their own technology overconfidence, on the front, left and right vehicles, pedestrian forms, road conditions, not clear judgment on blind traffic caused by the occurrence of vehicle accidents.The bloody lesson reminds us not to trifle with life.Key words: Molten steel splash accident Date: April 12, 2021 Accident name: Shandong Jinguan Metallurgical Technology Co., LTD. Molten steel splash accident Accident circumstances: Shandong Jinguan Metallurgical Technology Co., LTD., the first use of no. 9 ladle in the continuous casting vehicle, when cleaning molten steel splash, causing four workers injured.Accident warning: in 2021, a total of 1 molten steel spillage accident occurred in iron and steel enterprises, resulting in 4 injuries.Molten iron, molten steel, steel slag and other high temperature molten metal are one of the main hazard sources peculiar to iron and steel metallurgy enterprises.Smelting, transportation, residue collection and treatment are all high-risk process links. It is very important to recognize the characteristics of hazard sources, take appropriate process control and targeted operation control measures, and strictly prevent spatter, explosion and other accidents.Key words: deflagellation accident Date: February 23, 2021 Accident Name: Guyu Coal Coke Chemical Co., LTD. Deflagellation Accident Accident Situation:At 16:40 on February 23, 2021, in the outdoor methanol synthesis section of the methanol workshop of Guyu Coal Coke Chemical Co., LTD., Hebei Tianzhu Iron and Steel Group, the syngas pipeline entering the methanol water cooler exploded, resulting in two deaths and a direct economic loss of 2.8 million yuan.Accident warning: In addition to the explosion accident, there were two fire accidents in steel enterprises in 2021, with no casualties.In daily life and work, fire not only brings warmth, civilization and convenience, but also may cause disaster, death and tragedy. Pay attention to fire control, life first!Key words: Poisoning accident Date: August 13, 2021 Accident name: Jiangsu Nantong Astronomical Casting Co., LTD.Accident warning: In 2021, there were four poisoning accidents in steel mills, resulting in eight deaths and 34 injuries.Acute carbon monoxide poisoning, which can cause loss of consciousness and death in severe cases, varies depending on the time of poisoning and exposure.Severe gas poisoning patients need one or two years to be completely cured, not so simple to wake up is equal to completely good, the hypoxia of the body’s important organs is not a small matter, strengthen daily maintenance to prevent and control air leakage accidents occur again.Key words: basket falling accident Date: September 30, 2021 Accident name: Honghe Iron and Steel Co., LTD. Basket falling accident Accident: Runhong Construction Co., LTD., which undertook the anticorrosion operation of gas tank, occurred basket falling accident in power energy plant of Honghe Iron and Steel Co., LTD., resulting in 5 deaths.Accident warning: in 2021, a total of 1 lifting basket falling accident occurred in iron and steel enterprises, resulting in 5 deaths.Use of hanging basket construction while it is possible to make up for the scaffold construction and safety rope hoisting construction for the inconvenience, but also increases the risk, and if it appear problem, workers will be stranded in the high altitude, and equipped with use of hanging basket safety lock, can be in falls for workers to provide effective security guarantees, avoid this kind of tragedy from happening again.Key words: Running steel accident Date: September 2, 2021 Accident name: Anhui Masteel Group steel accident accident: Anhui Masteel Group steel “running steel” accident, red steel material chaos dance, scene is very thrilling!Accident warning: a total of 1 starting steel accident occurred in steel enterprises in 2021, with no casualties.Steel accidents often occur in a moment, the damage of the machine can not be underestimated, the workers in the steel rolling area should bear in mind that the safety channel should be unblocked, the escape route should be kept in mind, production problems are found early, parking treatment is the key, interlocking equipment is often maintained, to ensure the integrity of no accident.Keywords: mechanical injury accident date: name of accident on April 19, 2021: kaohsiung sinosteel mechanical injury accident happens: the mechanical injury accident happened at noon on April 19, sinosteel together to plant Chen employees, in steel converter plant with repair engineering, suspected of being involved in hoist, the rescuers rushed to the scene, the workers have died on the spot.Accident warning: There were 2 mechanical injuries and 2 deaths in steel enterprises in 2021.For front-line mechanical operators, mechanical operation is “alarming step by step”, perhaps just do a step less, less off a button, or less wear a protective equipment, it is likely to cause an accident, light loss of a finger, heavy loss of a life, a lifetime of regret.Mechanical equipment is a good helper of production and business activities, but should not become a wounding machine, we use mechanical equipment.Must be careful, strictly according to the standard operation, so that the tragedy of mechanical injury does not recur.Key words: Safety production accident Date: June 9, 2021 Accident name: Linfen Huade Metallurgical Casting Co., LTD. Safety production accident Accident Situation: Linfen Huade Metallurgical Casting Co., LTD. Safety production accident, resulting in 1 death accident.Accident warning: in 2021, a total of 1 safety production accident occurred in iron and steel enterprises, resulting in 1 death.The worker in production process should avoid existence fluke psychology, want to take safety production seriously from psychology.Paralysis is the biggest hidden trouble, dereliction of duty is the biggest curse, careful no blunder, careless cast big mistake!Above accident is just the tip of the iceberg for safety accident in 2021, according to incomplete statistics small make up 2021 safety accident summary table as follows: from 2021, we can see that in the case, steel mills in the main accident types in the process of production for high temperature liquid gas poisoning, fire and explosion, splash, overflow and leakage, fire and high falling accidents, etc.Iron and steel enterprises large scale and many, management and personnel management difficult, easy, casualties and other major safety accident has the characteristics of distinct from other industries: 01 casualty accident data table shows the proportion of the steel mills accumulative total of 35 safety accidents occurred in 2021, 8 high falling accidents, accounts for about 23% of the total number of deaths and injuries;4 poisoning accidents, accounting for about 11% of the total number of casualties;3 vehicle accidents, accounting for about 9% of the total number of casualties;2 cases of scalding, accounting for about 6% of the total number of casualties;3 fires, accounting for about 9% of the total number of casualties;2 mechanical injuries, accounting for about 6% of the total number of casualties;2 fall accidents, accounting for about 6% of the total number of casualties;General object strike accident 2, accounting for about 6% of the total number of casualties;Other auxiliary production accidents account for about 30%.There were 8 high fall accidents, followed by 4 poisoning accidents and 3 vehicle accidents. The types of accidents with few accidents were burial, burning on top of gas holder, car slipping accident, steel running accident and burning.02 the direct cause of death and serious injury accidents in steel enterprises, mainly in violation of operating rules or labor discipline, accounting for about 60% of the number of deaths and serious injuries.This was followed by a lack of inspections or command errors at the site, which accounted for about 20 per cent of deaths and serious injuries.In addition, the production site environment is poor;Absence or defect of safety facilities;Insufficient education and training, lack of safe operation knowledge;Defects in technology and design;Personal protective equipment is missing or defective;Factors such as absence of safe operating procedures or defects in procedures.From the point of view of accident time, in 2021, steel enterprise safety accidents in March, April, May, July, August, September, less death accidents in February, June, October, November, December.It can be seen from the characteristics of casualties in steel enterprises that mechanical injury, burning, falling and other accidents in the steel industry are heavy and high incidence of accidents, the direct cause and indirect cause are very simple and clear, and the prevention measures are very mature.The occurrence of accidents in steel enterprises generally exists the following four problems: 01 enterprise workers violate the phenomenon of safety control rules is widespread.The serious aging of machinery and equipment and the disrepair of plant are also one of the causes of safety accidents.03 lack of safety education for workers, workers lack of safety protection knowledge and self-protection experience is also the cause of frequent safety accidents in iron and steel enterprises.04 technical defects, the lack of safety facilities and personal safety protection equipment and the lack of emergency plans in the face of major emergencies, etc., constitute the reasons for the existence of safety hazards in iron and steel enterprises.Today is the annual fifth day, most of the companies face the Spring Festival starts to return to work the key nodes, standing on the lunar New Year beginning, the iron and steel enterprises should adhere to the supremacy of life, the security alert, to carry out the safe production responsibility and strict management system, resolutely curb major workplace accidents, to ensure the safety during the Spring Festival holidays, open in safety in production on a new step again!