4 best places to travel in February to feel the warm spring sun and enjoy the best scenery

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Every February evokes the anticipation of spring.At this time, different parts of China’s landscape is the biggest, while the north is warm and cold, the south is sunny, some places usher in the most beautiful scenery of the year, let’s take a look at the most suitable destinations for travel in February, feel the charm of early spring.Early spring in February, when the north is still thousands of miles of ice, Luoping has covered the mountains green, flowers blooming like a brocade.February is the most beautiful season of rapeseed in Luoping. The rapeseed fields planted against the mountains are fragrant and rippling under the sunshine, which is the spectacular scenery of the sea of flowers in Luoping.Heading east along the Nan-Kunming Railway or National Highway 324, you will see patches of dazzlingly yellow rape flowers in the thick green mountains. National Highway 324 cuts through the sea of flowers like a sea route.Luoping rape flowers have become a major landscape on the plateau of northeast Yunnan province. Every year after the Spring Festival, thousands of tourists come here to stroll in the sea of flowers and enjoy the spring breeze.Yuanyang Terrace is one of the world’s three largest terraced fields and was inscribed on the World Heritage List in 2013.As early as more than 1,300 years ago, hani people settled down here. In order to make a living, they reclaimed and cultivated more than 170,000 mu of mountainous land into layers of flat land, and carved the most spectacular Yuanyang terraced fields with their wisdom and diligence from generation to generation.In February, yuanyang rice terraces are in the irrigation period. Each piece of land looks like countless mirrors, reflecting the blue sky and white clouds and recording the movement of the stars.Before sunrise, the outline of the terraced fields has been looming in the morning light. Standing on high, it looks like an elegant ink painting.After the sun rises, the red sun shines on the village, and the color of the terraced fields also changes, colorful and brilliant.Sichuan longquan mountain, peach blossom will longquan ancient times because of the abundant peach famous throughout the world, is one of the top ten peach blossom viewing spots, every spring, the longquan became a sea of flowers, the beauty of the cherry blossom, peach blossom can is neon like a cloud, and element flower branches, pear flower sweet snow covered with trees, apricot flowers ZhengXia spray fire, like a fairyland, attracts thousands of visitors.Longquan Mountain peach blossom in February, tens of thousands of acres of peach blossom bloom, tourists from all directions came, taste the tea fragrance, climb peach blossom mountain, see peach blossom trees, the mountains and fields of pink dazzling gorgeous, become the visual feast in the eyes of the love of flowers.The Plum Blossom Mountain Scenic Spot in Nanjing, Jiangsu province is the top of the four plum appreciation resorts in China. The plum blossom here is not only rich and complete, but also beautiful.The plum blossom on the hill usually begins to be in bud at the end of January, wait until February is the heyday of bloom, from late February to early March last 20 days or so, the plum blossom with different colors seems to be a multicolored oil painting.The tradition of zhongmei on Meihua Mountain has been going on for more than one thousand years. There are more than thirty thousand plum blossoms at present. The plum blossoms on the top of the mountain are very large and numerous.Red, pink, white and other different varieties of plum blossom spread across the whole mountain, layer upon layer of flowers, far view and close look are beautiful scenery.In February, the world is slowly waking up, wish you can go to a place full of warm spring sun, with the warm spring breeze, live up to the time!