Siti Volkswagen Viveen drove 3350 km, 390,000 does it handle well?Listen to the guy with the car

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Everybody is good!I am the owner of Weiran, from Beijing, my model is “2020 380TSI flagship edition “, the purchase price of 390,000, 3350 kilometers, the comprehensive fuel consumption of 7.8L, we have a look at my purchase value?A, I choose the car journey before open the car don’t have this car so well control, it is belong to the rich and practical and powerful functions, cars other than that, it in the whole control process, in the whole process of driving or more auxiliary function, so it is more in line with my aesthetic and the request of the car.Two, the appearance and the feeling of the interior have to say THAT I choose this car or very like, I particularly appreciate the characteristics of the strength of the car, it is not the same style of what, this is the charm of the car, this is its most attractive place.Today SAW a lot of cars, but also after some comparison, in the beginning of the car, I will not hesitate to choose my car, but also because its interior will be better, anyway, the details of the good processing, processing can be in place, other places I do not require too much.Three, the ride comfort feeling me feel comfortable car, it is certain or the space will be bigger, and spacious such a feeling must is I always pursuit, I also think this is the car it’s strength, across the front and the back of the layout, and its trunk size processing are rather good.In fact, in the final analysis, choose such a high comfort of the car is to go to this point, especially the whole ride process, the car did not imagine so bumpy, this point is very good.Four, driving and dynamic feeling driving the process of must still have a little flaw, although the car its models is large, but it started to accelerate dynamic, and need to strengthen some, I hope it is starting to have a stronger power, it gives me a feeling that this car will also not like some more, some will be more powerful.The car is really suitable for their own, whether easy to control and so on, these still depends on personal requirements, I saw the car after driving, slowly more and more found its advantages.During the whole drive, its steering wheel is relatively light, and will not feel tired.In terms of fuel consumption, the fuel consumption of the car itself is still very good. It must be because the running in is almost the same now, but also because of the high speed, I feel that the car’s performance is better than other cars, which is also where I have been looking forward to and pursuing.1. The most satisfying place.What I particularly like about this car is that it can bring me a very different feeling in handling. In fact, the cars I have driven before are definitely not as light and easy to drive as this car. Its steering accuracy is higher, and there are many auxiliary functions in driving.Anyway, this is what I think makes us young people and consumers most satisfied with this car. Its fuel consumption should be better than other cars, and its ability to save fuel is really outstanding.2. Deficiencies.I think it is because I open before the car still more rich experience, also had some more powerful cars, so for now, the car it throughout the motivation in TuiBei does not do, there is no sense as well, I think that if the car can strengthen it, I believe that the performance will be better.3. Is it worth it?In fact, the car in the price of this aspect is still to be strengthened, I think at the beginning of the start, although the overall performance is very good, but its preferential strength is not very high, I still need to do better.