Pokemon study pokemon in lakes and explore the interesting ecology of neon fish in caves!

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As we mentioned in the previous, animation Jane drill was small and medium-sized ZhiYiXing people had to go to the weeklong summer treasure can dream lectures, Kathleen met here and my character is similar to the girl small kwai, and summer is the first and second day of the lecture and random treasure can combine the dream become a partner, and finally do score against the way of comparison,Summer lectures are taught in a variety of ways. In the World of Pokemon, studying pokemon behaviors and habits is the most important way to intuitively understand Pokemon. Therefore, the next course of Xiaozhi and his team is to study the ecology of Pokemon in the lake near the lecture site.PS: This article is purely personal opinion, if any mistakes, please correct.Related episodes: Diamonds & Pearls Episode 88 “Research Report” The Legend of the Lake “Study of the Lake’s Pokemon:In this episode, everyone should contact and communicate with the water attribute Pokemon in the lake near the lecture, and report the observation results to the teacher according to the class. Xiaozhi and his group immediately went to the lake and observed the water attribute Pokemon they chose by sketching or swimming together.Kathleen decided to study white sea lions, little kwai decided to study magic sea lion, light decided to study the cherry blossom decided to study lantern fish, fish, xiao gang and side, musashi, fellow members of her to help her select the ancient empty stickleback but musashi abandon, can only say that is really not a bargain, musashi, after all, even in the lake, the ancient empty stickleback should also is rarely observed.Legend of the Lake:In small ZhiYiXing people a short rest, suddenly lakes a cyan light flickering in the distance, but the little ZhiYiXing people find kwai cat gone, this time on flat, and referred to the lake, there is a legend that once the treasure can see lakes nearby of dream will disappear after the green light, the wave garman also attracted by the green light,Fortunately, there is light to restore its rational, so a line of people along the direction of green light, and came to a cave, in the cave a line of people go deep, found that there is a lake in the cave, compared to green light the answer to the mystery is in this place.Neon fish ecology:And the green light to attract treasure but dream is not what strange things, but treasure can dream neon fish, neon fish fins give off light has attract the characteristics of the treasure can dream, but in fact from the map description actually glow is in order to attract prey, and small ZhiYiXing after observing that cave lake ocean of actually connected to the outside world,The cave lake has the water moss that the neon fish like to eat, so it is not hard to understand why the neon fish, which should be living in the deep sea, come to this place.Well, that’s xiao Er’s personal view of this episode, and the summer Pokemon lecture is not over yet, we will continue to talk about the next one.