2022 Anhui Civil Service Exam training section: Reading Comprehension (2.8)

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1. Big data enables trial execution.Big data has application prospects in many judicial activities, such as case push, sentencing assistance, deviation warning, automatic generation of judgment documents, false lawsuit identification, judgment result prediction, litigation risk assessment and so on, bringing new opportunities to the modernization of trial execution.Big data can automatically associate cases and push laws and regulations, providing personalized, refined and intelligent services for judges’ work, facilitating the unification of legal application standards and avoiding “different judgments for the same case”.Unified evidence standards through blockchain technology can also assist the collection and identification of evidence in the process of case handling.What is not mentioned in the following statement is that: (A) the application of judicial big data can effectively avoid improper application of law; (B) the application of judicial big data can help to collect and identify evidence; (C) the application of judicial big data can help to realize the accuracy of trial execution; (D) the application of judicial big data can help to improve the effectiveness of law popularization.Life is so complex that almost every biologist can only explore a very small area.Despite the large amount of descriptive data generated in each field, can scientists draw an overall picture from this vast amount of data?For example, how do living things work?The emerging science of systems biology offers some hope of answering these questions.It tries to connect the different branches of biology, using mathematical, engineering and computer science methods to make biology more quantitative.But it’s too soon to know whether these methods will eventually allow scientists to understand the big picture of how life works.(A) The acquisition of descriptive data is A necessary condition for biological research; (B) Systems biology offers the possibility to solve the riddle of life; (C) How to obtain the whole picture of life from biological data is unknown; (D) scientific interpretation of the whole picture of biological operation is on the horizon.Caffeine is what keeps bees loyal and focused, according to a study in the US journal Science.Just as caffeine stimulates the brains of humans, the chemical also stimulates the brains of bees, specifically an area of the brain called mushroom body, which is involved in odor learning and memory.The caffeine made the bees so impressed with the nectar they collected from citrus and coffee flowers that they were hooked on that particular flavor for a long time.The best title for this paragraph is:4. The Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Protection of The Rights and Interests of the Elderly (revised draft) clearly stipulates that their dependants should fulfill their obligations to provide for them financially, take care of them and comfort them spiritually.Take care of the special needs of the elderly.They shall show concern for the spiritual needs of the elderly and shall not neglect or neglect them. Their dependants who live apart from the elderly shall visit or greet them frequently.And the expert expresses, ought to advocate energetically the person that support often visits condolence old person, but how to enter law, want careful deliberation on language.A) Please pay attention to the spiritual support of the elderly B) Go home often C) Take A look at the moral support of the elderly D) Go home oftenChinese characters have undergone the development and change of oracle bone script, gold script, small seal script, official script and regular script, etc. In the writing of each font, it contains rich aesthetic value.The clear and lean oracle bones on tortoise-shell bones, the round and simple gold inscriptions in bronze ware, the neat and dignified seal characters in stone carving, the lines and structures of individual characters, the overall layout and arrangement of the rules, all show distinct aesthetic orientation and pursuit.Driven by its practical function and aesthetic value, Chinese characters have formed a unique cultural phenomenon in China — calligraphy.The dense structure of the calligraphy works and the urgency of the writing style give full play to the beauty of Chinese characters.A) Calligraphy plays an important role in Traditional Chinese culture B) characters are visual symbols with aesthetic value C) the shape evolution of Chinese characters reflects changes in aesthetic orientation D) Calligraphy gives full play to the aesthetic value contained in Chinese characters[A] Big data can make it easier to unify the application standards of laws and avoid different judgments in the same case.B) Evidence collection and identification through blockchain.C) Big data can realize… refined and intelligent services. D) Big data can realize…D) Whether the use of judicial big data can help improve the effectiveness of legal knowledge.D.Can scientists draw a whole picture from this vast amount of data?Then, the solution of “system biology” is introduced and elaborated in detail. Finally, with “however” as the symbol, the turning point emphasizes that whether this method is effective is still unknown.C) The panorama of life corresponds to the whole concept and the whole picture. D) The panorama of life corresponds to the whole concept and the whole picture in the passage.”Unknown” corresponds
“Impossible to know.”[A].B) The mystery of life. C) The mystery of life. D) The mystery of life.D) it will soon become a realityC.3. The passage through the study of science leads to caffeine to bee loyalty with single mind, and then by “as” with the human brain, analogy to explain why caffeine can let remember in citrus and coffee flowers bees honey, finally through the guidance of “so” to the conclusion that the bee without this particular flavor of honey, so this paragraph first paper point of view,C. The reason why bees “love” nectar with a particular flavor. D. The reason why bees “love” nectar with a particular flavor.A. Bees B. bees C. bees D. beesD) Learning and memory is the most important part of learning and memory.C.4 title filling into the topic is the deformation of the central understanding of the examination, the need to analyze the text on the basis of the central meaning as far as possible to do short and concise, attractive.From the two aspects of the Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Protection of the Rights and Interests of the Elderly (revised draft) and experts’ advice, the author draws the conclusion that more visits should be made to the elderly.A) Often B) often C) often D) often(B) How to approach the law? (C) How to approach the law?The passage does not specifically discuss “how”, but actively advocate “going home often”. Therefore, this initiative may be determined in the form of law. The word “or” in paragraph D reflects the possibility of entering and leaving the law.D.5. The first part of the passage introduces the development and changes of Chinese fonts, pointing out that each font contains aesthetic value in writing, and specifically introduces the beauty of different Chinese fonts.Then it shows that Chinese characters form calligraphy driven by practical function and aesthetic value.The last sentence emphasizes calligraphy by using the word “geng” to maximize the beauty of Chinese characters.D) Calligraphy maximizes the beauty of Chinese characters.A) Important b) important C) important D) importantB) The concept of “characters” is expanded, and the topic word of the passage is “Chinese characters”.C) The shape evolution of Chinese charactersD.